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Barked: Wed Oct 31, '12 8:32pm PST 
Okie dokie, so we've had Zoey since she was 8 weeks, and have had our male cat for a little over 2 years. Zoey is now 8 months, and she's always played a little "rough" with the cat, but no harm has ever been done. Her prey drive is really high (please correct me if I'm wrong) everytime the cat enters the room/walks by etc. zoey can be in a deep sleep and all of a sudden perk up, watch the cat, sometimes even jump off the couch and follow the cat, or just go right into play. So far they've gotten along... UNTIL the other day. Maybe it was a territoral thing(?) but I was laying on the couch and zoey was laying on top of me sleeping, when the cat jumped up onto the arm rest of the couch (his usual hangout) zoey opened her eyes and started growling (first time this has ever happened) cat jumps off the couch and zoey pursues, stare down in effect on both sides, then the cat punches zoey in the face and all hell breaks loose. If I hadn't grabbed zoeys collar I'm pretty sure it wouldve been quite ugly frown next night the same thing happened just on the bed this time. The cat has never stood up to zoey (giving her a good swipping or anything) maybe that's why zoey thinks its ok?? I've tried the leave it command, hasnt worked she just looks at me for a second then basicly says forget you.. Don't really know what to do, Zoey is in a crate whenever we leave the house or with us so nothing can happen when we arent' home, but I'm still very concerned. Any help would be great! Thank you all for your time!

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Catahoulas generally have pretty high prey drive, since they are primarily hunting dogs. In addition to that, if they don't have enough physical/mental exercise they can get pretty unpleasant pretty quickly. You might have to up the exercise and still need to separate your dog and your cat - just based on the nature of the breed.