Stop a puppy from whining for attention?

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Barked: Thu Oct 25, '12 12:41pm PST 
So my puppy has started whining for attention after he saw my roommates dogs do it. I have tried ignoring the behavior and turning away from him when he does it. It doesnt work, yes I have tried this for over a week and the whining did not stop. I have tried rewarding for when he is quiet. He still does it. Any ideas on how to get rid of this behavior?

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Barked: Fri Oct 26, '12 7:10pm PST 
You could try teaching him another way to get attention, like sitting and watching you. Ask him for a sit and a watch me as soon as he starts whining, and reward that with intense attention, petting, cuddles, playing, etc. And just keep ignoring the whining. This means no eye contact, no moving your body toward him, no talking to him, fiddling with your treat bag, etc. Maybe start reading a magazine or checking Facebook so you won't be tempted. You can even completely freeze the second he starts whining, and act like a statue until he stops, or get up and leave the room, if you want to kick it up a notch.