A new problem... Motorcycle chasing!

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Barked: Wed Oct 24, '12 9:11pm PST 
This is going to be long...

I always, have chewy leashed when I take him into the park, or I have him on a long line and sometimes let him drag it if the park is empty and work on recall

I don't know what I was thinking. I went to the park with my cousin and his dog. They were leashed and I didn't bring my long line. I had hot dogs and decided to drop Chewy's leash. He ran to sniff the bushes as happy as can be and just ran in circles having a blast and came back every time I called him. I thought I might be able to do this more often. I was also enjoying seeing how happy he was and just watching him run around. Then a guy came by on his motorcycle, it completely caught me off guard and I wasn't ready for what Chewy was about to do.

Chewy and my cousins dog ran to the middle of the park and started digging up gopher holes. Then the motorcycle came around. Chewy started trotting after it. The motorcycle was in the street, Chewy was still in the park following it slowly.

Chewy gets to the end of the park and the cycle has left. He stops and starts coming back to me. I call him, he starts running to me. Then the motorcycle comes flying back the way it came and Chewy tears after it in a full on sprint.

He ran along the sidewalk while the cycle was in the street, when it turned he crossed got on the sidewalk again and continued to run. The only good thing was he knew to stay on the sidewalk. He nearly caught up to the motorcycle at one point and when the guy looked to see a big black dog running after him he picked up speed.

Once it was a far distance from him Chewy stopped in his tracks and came sprinting back to me, he still stayed on the sidewalk and I crossed the street and grabbed his leash.

I only, only ever let him drag a 20 foot line on occasions when the park is empty and no one is around, early in the day during the week to avoid running into anyone. The park was empty and no one was around, and I had no idea he would even take to chasing a motorcycle.

He already has a problem with running up to dogs, which I was trying to work on and his recall in general Now he chases motorcycles. The motorcycle came back around several times after and I leashed Chewy up. He watched and was ready to take off again whimpering at the end of his leash.

I was starting to think he might be able to have more freedom, but that made me afraid to even let him off leash again. Motorcycles don't come around often, but if one does again I can't trust him. He was ready to go after it every time he saw it come by.

What now? I don't think is something I can really train out of him since they don't come all the time like cars, and it's not safe to risk him going after another. I guess He'll only have off leash time when he goes to the dog park, anywhere we go that won't have motorcycles....
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Barked: Thu Oct 25, '12 4:32am PST 
Doesn't the dog park have a fence????

Barked: Thu Oct 25, '12 7:10am PST 
Kato had started doing this. I just kept a heads up on incoming motorcycles as they're pretty easy to hear coming and leash Kato up when they did.

For him, the behavior kind of extinguished itself from not being able to chase. It wasn't an obsession with motorcycles, but more of a manifestation of excitement. He was off leash trotting along with glee when a motorcycle comes by and just tops off the excitement and he just couldn't control himself.

So, he eventually got used to motorcycles flying by and him being on leash, so he's not apt to chase them anymore. The only exception now is when he's extremely bored or excited. At the dog park last night, he was super excited because he saw some squirrels, but never got to chase them. A guy comes by in a motorcycle and Kato decides that since he can't get the squirrels, he'll release it on chasing the motorcycle.

Plenty of motorcycles drive by when we're at the dog park, and he never pays any mind to them. It's just when they top off his already super excited mind that he just has to let it out.


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Barked: Thu Oct 25, '12 9:39am PST 
Thanks for the responses.

Toto- Our dog park is fenced in, when this happened I was in the regular park that is right around the corner from my house. Chewy doesn't get to go to the dog park too often since it's pretty far from my house. We used to take them every other weekend, but with family birthdays and Halloween coming up they haven't been getting to go.

Kato- Maybe it could have just been his excitement that got the better of him. That was the first time he was actually let loose to run and play in the park. Other times I've kept him close on a leash or on a line. But even after the chase was over he was still obsessing over the motorcycle. He's also shown interest in them before, but it was awhile back late at night and was watching it while whimpering like he whimpers when he wants to go see another dog. Other times, even on walks when they go by he hasn't cared at all. I'll wait till another comes around with him leashed and see if he still wants to chase it, or if it could have just been excitement in the moment.
Jackson Tan

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Barked: Thu Oct 25, '12 7:28pm PST 
This has happened to me several times, I'm embarrassed to admit. The only management I've found is keeping an eye out and calling him back the moment I see something chasable coming along (gotta be so fast with this), but more often than not just going to fenced/deserted areas. I tried an ultrasonic whistle for emergency recall but even that didn't work. Once he was gone, he was pretty gone. The only thing I did was wait for him to come back and take him straight home on the leash. There is nothing worse than that sinking feeling of watching your dog vanish at full speed after something that could flatten them. silenced

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Barked: Fri Oct 26, '12 5:38am PST 
Consider giving him an outlet for that energy when he hears the rumble of the motor. Try tugging with him when a motorcycle is in the general vicinity. If he can get his yayas out safely and while engaged with you you'll be able to turn the motorcycle motor into a cue to look to you for play/interaction.

Couple that with general Look At That games, and working hard to keep him under threshold you should be able to make some headway.