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Barked: Wed Oct 24, '12 4:46pm PST 
Just when I thought the puppies were getting it down, they are still not. Last night I heard Lulu jumped off the bed to go potty in litter box. I went after her very quietly so she wouldnt get startled. And she did!I was so proud of her. I turned around to pick up her poop and she ran off to the living room and peed on the couch. I dont get it? Why is she going poop in the litter box but peeing somewhere else. We normally remind them to go potty and put them in litter box. So they do know that they have to go there. What can I do to help them do both. We always involve treats.

Barked: Thu Oct 25, '12 8:13am PST 
Anytime you try to teach a dog to urinate or defecate inside a home on purpose they're bound to get confused.

I would switch gears, no more going to the bathroom inside the house. Make frequent potty trips outside, on leash, to the same spot.

Keep them crated at night, and tethered to you when out of the crate inside the house, until they learn that the only place that's acceptable to go to pee and poo is outside.

Make sure you are using an enzymatic cleaner to work up the spots they've already spoiled or the smell will keep them coming back again and again. Just because you can't smell the urine or feces after using other products doesn't mean they can't!

ETA - 4 months old is far too young to be hopping off the bed to go off on their own in the middle of the night. Once you get them acclimated to the crate set your alarm and take them out a couple of times in the middle of the night on schedule.

It usually takes most dogs, especially small breeds, a couple to several more months to get potty training down completely. Not understanding the concept this young is normal and to be expected.

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Trigger has a good point...your dogs are MUCH too young and too small to be allowed to be jumping off a bed. Toy breeds are extremely prone to back and leg injuries, the majority of which occur due to the dog jumping off the furniture, including the bed.
My toy poodles are crated and, when old enough and housebroken, are taught to only use steps to get on OR off my bed. With consistancy, it is extremely simple to teach them that jumping on or off is not allowed, and it can save a fortune in vet fees. It is usually not a question of if it will get injured but a question of WHEN the dog will get injured.
I also agree with Trigger concerning the house training. Outside is the way to go. I have five toy poodles and they ALL do their thing outside, not in the house!