Let's Share... What are some of your dogs best quirks?

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Let's play tug!!
Barked: Fri Oct 26, '12 6:57pm PST 
When Smokey gets really excited, his face kisses slowly devolve into him biting my earlobe
He sits politely next to my computer, so close he's just touching it, and gives occasional unobtrusive little kitten mews, as if to say "are you sure you want to stare at that thing instead of petting me?"
He knows I like him to sit to get his harness put on, and he wants to, but he just can't. He runs a couple of laps around me, then sits, but usually gets up to do another lap or two before I finish, then comes back and sits again, all without me giving any commands.
If I ask him to sit in the kitchen, he usually runs to the living room and sits on the carpet
During free shaping, he is pretty sure that what I always secretly want is for him to leave the room and then come back
If there is a tenth of an inch of air under the blankets as I readjust them, he will dive under and usually sleep there all night. I can get him to sleep on the other side of the bed only if I wrap him up in his throw blanket like a little old lady. He has bitten a hole in it, and he will sometimes poke his head through the hole and walk around looking like he is wearing a snuggie
He buries his chewies, but almost never chews them. He frequently buries them under my butt (shoves them under, and noses the covers around them). He also lets me hide them, but runs over to check on them a couple of times. All this leads me to wonder- who are we hiding them from?
He sometimes tries to hump dogs that are much, much larger than him, so that he is humping entirely air. I stop him, but I laugh while I'm doing it
He never poops when it's dark. It took him about a month to poop anywhere but the beach. Once he went 48 hours and developed horrendous farts, because I didn't take him there.
He has started to interrupt himself in the middle of barking at noises and come into the kitchen for his treat
He actually says "RUFF!" when he barks.
He plays tug of war with mind, body, and soul. He is way too little to win on his own, so he will straddle my arm, wait me out, or leap into the air and dangle from the rope. He has never been aggressive about it though. He will also run and get his rope if I start wrestling with him.
He runs impossibly fast and with incredible enthusiasm when he's chasing seagulls. It's impossible not to laugh.
He sniffs my face and tries to surreptitiously lick my mouth when I smell like food
When he's running around and playing, he occasionally climbs my leg wanting to be picked up, licks my face a few times, and then wants to get down.
Sometimes he's so excited about whatever I've mixed with his kibble that he does a circle-dance and yips a little before sitting
He climbs walls, spins around, and generally acts like a nutcase while chasing bugs. I've seen him ignore beef terriyaki in favor of chasing a fly. When it stops, he slowly inches his snout towards it and stares at it with his nose touching it.
If I pick him up and flip him over on his side or back while cuddling him, he struggles for 10 seconds and then falls asleep.
He is not a morning person. He stays under the covers until about noon, if left to his own devices
He LOVES classical music. He lays down and closes his eyes immediately.
Every now and then, he gives me a good hard kick in bed. I have yet to figure out whether this is intentional.
He hates having his eyes rinsed out, but he will sit nicely while I clean his ears with q-tips. He cocks his head sideways a little like it feels good.
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