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I have a, 5 and a half month old, old english sheepdog who is abasolutly brilliantly behaved all of the time, there is just some things while walking that i need some tips on.
Some mornings when he has alot of energy or know hes going to the beach or somewhere equally as exciting, he pulls. which isnt so much of a problem for me because i can check him pack and get him walking next to me or behind me nice and slack, but for my parents this is alot harder because their starting to ache. we have tried the face strappy thing that shuts their mouth when they pull (dogs, not my parents) but he managed to get out of it. and everything i suggest to my parents, they dont listen to , i was wondering if i could have some tips so i can show them what is the right thing to do, and we need to all be doing the same thing before our dog gets huge!! please can i have some reassurance haha thanks