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Has anyone else gone through a stage when they really don't like your dog?

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we will dance in- the ring without- words
Barked: Wed Oct 10, '12 3:58am PST 
They can make you crazy, but I promise there will be a time when you look back on the insanity and smile. hug
Jewel, PCD

8.6lbs of fury- in a bow!
Barked: Wed Oct 10, '12 7:27am PST 
I feel you! Right now I have two crazy needy fosters and Jewel is suffering. Therefore Jewel is acting out which really doesn't help!! But I can't blame her. shrug

Akita Pals- Always.
Barked: Wed Oct 10, '12 7:39am PST 
I love Asher's suggestions,they are always the greatest.way to go I have empathy for all of you dealing with difficult adolescent and/or upset dogs.big hug you will do fine and get through it in time. I am pleased to say that I am very fortunate that Kai seems to have finally decided to start growing up,a true gift since he just turned 3 and weighs well over 100 pounds.

For Koby's Mom-big hug Hope broken bones are healing well. I went through that last year. I spent 10 weeks from the 21st of April well into the summer on crutches,then another 8 weeks in a brace rehabbing it,not at all easy with an active,large,puppy. Take Carewishes


Barked: Wed Oct 10, '12 8:08am PST 
Yup. At about a year old, Kato just lost his mind. Everything I had worked on went out the window and didn't look like it was coming back any time soon. He was not the dog I had known. I didn't like what he was in that moment, and trying to change it was rather frustrating due to him being so buck wild!

But you just hang on for the ride and stick to your guns. I'm sure there were plenty of moments where my parents didn't like me too much too.laugh out loud
Czarka, CGC- UJJ

Why walk when- you can run?
Barked: Wed Oct 10, '12 9:28am PST 
First, get well...heal!

Second, been there. A good GSD is bred to be an Eveready Bunny... they are SUPPOSED to be able to go at a [GSD] trot all day... every day. The energy is potentially boundless shock

The only way you can reasonably wear them down is with mental stimulation. Others have posted some great ideas. I'll add... while in adolescence (which might continue, depending on your dog, through to 3 or so thinking), don't neglect obedience training in general and focus training in particular. A bored GSD is a really bad idea... lol. They can find 'hobbies'.

On 3 November, Charks will be 6(!). We mostly function as a team. Energy level? Still off the wall... We walk 5-6 miles per day and go to classes 3 days per week (2 agility classes and 1 therapy dog/situational obedience class). IF I am unable (family or other commitments) to walk and exercise her, we use a really good group daycare/boarding facility. Charks is dog friendly, so this works well for humans and canine. The mental stimulation is what wears her out. It's hard work interacting with a group of dogs... much more work than the physical play.

We continue to work together. Charka and I have learned how to live and work together. I truly cannot imagine a better canine partner... and I DO laugh when I remember how we've gotten to this place. I also have no desire to relive it laugh out loud

Barked: Wed Oct 10, '12 12:40pm PST 
Ooh I can so relate. I think I jokingly called my dog every bad name in the book, and thought if storks could deliver babies, could they pick up dogs, and bring them back when they were fully trained!laugh out loud?
It does get better, I just "tried" to remember it's only happening right now, and maybe not tomorrow.....relieved

I'm a big brat- and I don't care- :)
Barked: Wed Oct 10, '12 4:44pm PST 
OMD......I spent 3 hours playing hide the ball with him and he wants more............confused I think I'll take him for a ride tied to the back of my car. (just kidding, I would never do that). I don't care if it's 40 degrees tomorrow, out comes the kiddie pool. Asher I tried your suggestion of the Dr. Karen Overall's Protocols for Relaxation. He couldn't focus. I won't give up. I'll try a little each day and try to extend it. Maybe once I find someone to walk him and get the pepper out of his butt, his focus will come back. He's really driving me........... Thanks for everyone's support.
Jackson Tan

Lad about town
Barked: Wed Oct 10, '12 5:53pm PST 
LOL, my dog actually loves car rides (not tied to the back though BOL!) It seems to really wear him out mentally for some reason . . . I think it's obsession of watching cars go by that does the trick. Maybe you can take him for a nice long ride . . .

It must be terible not being able to play ball, though. I can't tell you how many times I toss that tennis ball up the hallway, or play soccer in the yard (his favorite thing is stopping the ball with his head. Yes, I have a genius, thank you very much.!) laugh out loud

I got him one of these giant exercise balls like they use in Triebball and he went bat crap INSANE! Was barking like crazy and trying to stare it down, lol! Maybe Koby would like one of these? You could teach him to push it around the yard with his nos4e, some dogs (not mine, obviously, but some) really love that crazy Triebball game.

I'm a big brat- and I don't care- :)
Barked: Wed Oct 10, '12 6:01pm PST 
Jackson Tan where did you get one of those balls? He has/had a big hard plastic jolly ball. It's about 12" in diameter. He chewed it up. I don't know how, but he did. Are there bigger ones available? I would love to get him a really big one. I bought him a new one and he pushes all over the place.

I'm a big brat- and I don't care- :)
Barked: Wed Oct 10, '12 6:08pm PST 
Jackson Tan Triebball looks like the perfect activity for him! Thanks for the suggestion. I'm going to get him one ball and see how he does. He already pushes the ones he has all over the place. Thanks!
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