Sandy Update- Bad News :(

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Dr. Watson

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The tasting blood thing is bull. Here's what happened when a dog attacked my sheep. The dog's owner paid for my vet bill for one sheep and the worth of the other sheep who died. Damages to fence he tore through. That was it. Fair enough. Dog was never to be offleash again (their property is not fenced.)

The dog bit your mother because of redirected aggression, not because he is a 'human biter.'However, he is obviously severely aggressive toward dogs and prey animals. In my experience, many, many breeds of dog are aggressive toward sheep, including some of my own dogs. Thus the need for fences.

Only you can decide what is best for Sandy. Obviously she must be leashed or SECURELY fenced and watched at all times within that fence. In fact I would not let her off leash within a fence until she has gone through serious behavioral modification and some obedience training as well.

We Dogsters are here to support you in whatever you choose.


Barked: Fri Oct 5, '12 7:50am PST 
Thanks again for all of the support. The vet checked Sandy over physically and hearing her findings today has helped slightly with the emotional pain. She was a very sick dog when I took her in (diagnosed with erlichia and worms) and we spent a good deal of time and money treating her with antibiotics and wormers, visiting 3 vets in the process. Hearing the vet report, it hears like Sandy was even sicker than we had imagined.
She also had a skin issue that we initially suspected was mange, but none of the vets thought it was a cause of concern. The vet who examined her yesterday confirmed it was indeed mange and it had started to spread across her body. Additionally, despite being treated repeatedly with several types of wormer, she was still full of worms, leading us to wonder if perhaps it was a much more serious type of worm than the initial vets led us to believe (cause if they missed mange, what else did they miss?!). When I found her she had clearly been wandering in a wooded area for quite some time and also had an open wound on one of her paws, a prime point of entry for parasites and stuff that normal "house pet" vets aren't incredibly familiar with.
Also, she had bullets imbedded under her skin throughout her body, some of them being in her face/head area leading us to wonder if perhaps that caused some behavioral changes.
There are just so many unknowns about her history, both medical and behavioral, and at this point we can only speculate what went wrong. I just hope she was able to be happy and comfortable during her time with me and knew that she was much more loved than she ever had been.

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No one here will fault you for trying. You did not cause this and of course she was better off with you then wandering around.
Lots of dogs with lots of love and understanding can be brought around but some dogs are just wired wrong from birth. Nothing can fix that. And sometimes the cure is worse then the disease. Some dogs are ok being isolated from the world, but some never are.
I am sorry you had to go through this, please do not blame yourself. We are not all knowing, none of us. You made a decision based on your life and the information you had. That's all we can ever do.hughug
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Barked: Fri Oct 5, '12 6:26pm PST 
Maybe it's just me, but this seems extremely serious for a coonhound. Very uncharacteristic from what I know of the breed. Every dog is an individual, sure, but it seems like this dog would have to be deprived of most things in life in order to just live, and after all the chances given and all the time and effort put into the dog, it just seems like what's best isn't what's wanted.hug

If it were just an issue of attacking sheep, I would see that as easy management. But the other issues described prior to the incident makes me leery.

Whatever decision is made, thank you for being such a caring and open owner.

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Its a very hard decision, but if you have tried everything then sometimes its the only one that can be made. Only thing I am wondering is have you tried a Veterinary Behaviorist? (Yes there are board certified vet behaviorists that might be able to help)

We fostered a Saint Bernard once that had been found half shaved in the middle of corn firelds in Indiana. She was dumped in Jan. We had her 4 mos, during that time we tried 3 different vets (the rescue's vet, a holistic vet and my own vet) we tried a certified behaviorist, we tried classes. She was fine with me but would lunge and growl at my husband. The last straw was when we took her for a walk and she lunged at a 3 yr old child walking on the other side of the street, I couldn't take the chance she if she accidently got out of our yard (meter readers leaving gate open, etc) She had also started to go after my cats. After 4 mos of trying it was decided she be put down. At least she knew love for 4 mos, had her own bed (she was scared of it at first then loved it) and had gone from 90 lbs to 120 so she ate good food, too. I wish there had been something else and if I were younger maybe there could have been but she was a giant breed with a chip on her shoulder and just didn't trust people enough.
Miyu CGC

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Barked: Fri Oct 5, '12 10:39pm PST 
You've already done so much more than most people have. She had a better life with you. Whatever the outcome, please keep us updated and know that we're here for you.

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hug We can only do so much, you have tried everything you could think of and what is more important, gave her love, lots and lots of love, that is so important to a dog.

I have taken several dogs from a pound in the hope I could bring them back to health, 2 I couldn't no matter what I did, one was so ill I had to let him go the following day, the other was covered in various types of lumps from very small to very large. In the 5 days he was with me he had 7 seizures so I had to let him go, like Sandy they were love and given the best possible then let go with love.

Sandy will always be with you, he has a special place in your heart for him that will always be there, he came to you for a reason, to find out what love was. Grieve for Sandy then have happy memories of her.

Ellie was one dog I could bring back to health even though it meant she had a tracheotomy in but she had 5 years of love and care, how I miss Ellie.
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