female becoming aggressive

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Hi, I have a female pit/lab mix (Abby) and a female Rottweiler(Moe) that have been together for almost a year now with NO problems. Abby is 1 1/2-2 years and Moe is just at a year old. We have just recently moved and Abby has just recently gone through heat all in the past 3-4 weeks. Since then Abby has been aggressive towards Moe and starts fights for no reason, it seems. Moe is fixed but Abby is not i am wondering if this could be the reason they fight also maybe some stress from the move. They are both very loving dogs to all the other dogs in they yard and neighbors dogs. Any help/advice is much appreciated. Thank you in advance!
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Many female dogs experience PMS-like symptoms when they go into heat, so the aggression occurring during that isn't entirely uncommon. However, my greater concern is that it is all too common for two young females who previously got along fine can no longer accept one another when they start to approach 2 to 3 years old. It's called bitch aggression and I'm sure there's a slew of google results on the topic. What specifically has been occurring during these aggressive moments?

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Abby will usually walk up to Moe and put her ears back and just kinda stand there then Moe usually is the one making the first snap, its usually just a little quarrel but the other day it was a big blown up fight and they had to be pulled apart when they normally just stop if i yell at them. It also seems like it might have something to do with when we are outside with the dogs playing or petting them, because i dont really hear them when everyone is inside nor have i come home to find either of them injured or anything.


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Guest said, "nor have i come home to find either of them injured or anything.

The key word here is.... YET. Your intact female is at that age where APBTs tend to "start". Add in the same sex aggression and her heat cycle and you have a pot ready to boil over.

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Like Scooter I am wondering why you are waiting for a serious incident.

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Please tell me you aren't actually leaving them out together unattended and that part of your statement is being misunderstood....
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You will have to start separating these dogs when you're not home, crate them, separate rooms, one inside one out etc. It WILL end badly and dogs can inflict fatal wounds on one another. I agree with Scooter and Sabi, it's not a case of if but WHEN. Seek a behaviourist ASAP. This is a very dangerous situation.

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