Will dog pee ruin the wood on a deck

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Barked: Sun Dec 4, '11 8:43am PST 
Im always shooing Oscar off the deck so he doesnt pee on it. My aunt said she knows people who trained their dogs to pee and poo on the deck because its easier clean up. Doesnt a dog peeing on the deck ruin it?

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Barked: Sun Dec 4, '11 9:34am PST 
Well, I for one, would not want to walk barefoot on said deck, nor would I enjoy relaxing with a bevvy on a hot day out therewinklaugh out loud.
I guess it would depend on the decking material, but my feeling is it is lazy owners. I'm with you..shoo the dog off the deck & take the one or two minutes it takes to pick up the poop. Let the people enjoy the decksmile

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Barked: Sun Dec 4, '11 9:42am PST 
Dog pee smell is rancid on pvc fencing. Can't imagine what it would smell like seeped in wood.

I think "easier" to clean up just means they don't have to walk around the yard to pick up after the dog. Or as I would put it...being lazy.smile