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Barked: Sun Apr 17, '11 12:59pm PST 
is it wrong to teach your dog not to destroy dog toys. Also we have two dogs and they want to play tug with cloth toys which rip easily is it ok to stop the tugging? Also what's the best way to train not to do these activities.

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Barked: Sun Apr 17, '11 1:40pm PST 
Not wrong really, but I have always thought of "dog toys" as our explanation of what will be amusing to dogs. To dogs desqueaking and destuffing are inherently more interesting than playing how we consider nicely.

I don't let Torie destroy toys around me, but if I am so stupid to allow her access to things that she can destroy when I am not around, than that's my problem.

I think that's why Kongs with food stuffed in them are good in that they are really the same idea for both of us (although she can't have these much being a Corgi and being prone to obesity). I would try and give her things that either she can and should deconstruct or things that are too tough.

This is my opinion anyway.

Dr. Watson

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Barked: Sun Apr 17, '11 3:04pm PST 
I wouldn't worry about it at all. It's a natural response to prey drive in dogs. Just make sure your dog doesn't eat the stuffing.

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Barked: Sun Apr 17, '11 3:07pm PST 
Is it "wrong"? Well technically no.

But I like my dogs to enjoy their toys in a way that is natural to them. Generally shaking and killing the squeaker is Daisy's favorite things. Plus, I encourage tug a lot right now. It has been difficult to really get Daisy into it, but she is coming right along.

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Barked: Sun Apr 17, '11 3:28pm PST 
Wow, I praise Lupi when she manages to "kill" one of her stuffies! But she doesn't eat the stuffing, and I don't buy expensive toys so...
I just figure the toys are for her to have fun with, and that's what's fun for her!

Are you worried that your dogs are getting too revved up when they play with the toys together? As long as neither of them are possessive over the toys, I wouldn't worry. But there's nothing wrong with stopping their play when you feel it's getting too rough. Just squeak a ball or shake a treat bag to get their attention and give them a nice little treat when they come over to you. Ask them to lay down and wait for a minute until they're calm and then tell them to "go play!" and let them get back to it.
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Barked: Sun Apr 17, '11 7:55pm PST 
If I want the toy to last a bit longer, I'll swap that toy for a sturdier toy when I start to hear/see it coming apart.

But I usually just let the dogs have at it. I just don't buy that toy anymore as it's not built to withstand my dog(s). Besides, one of the few things Sanka actually enjoys with toys is tearing them apart.
Dr. Watson

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Barked: Sun Apr 17, '11 8:05pm PST 
Oh, I just noticed you have 2 Golden Retrievers. All my Goldens have had a lot of play drive and prey drive with their toys. They "kill" their stuffies, especially the ones with squeakies in them. I suggest a "tennis bone" with a squeaker and a rope toy for tug. You may have to get them started on the rope toy by playing tug with them yourself. big grin
Jackson Tan

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Barked: Sun Apr 17, '11 9:50pm PST 
My dog 'kills' his toys by desqueaking them and then totally loses interest. naughty Lucky they're only dollar store toys! He also quite deliberately (and with great anatomical knowledge it seems) chewed the feet, ears and butt off a squeaky pig, with butcher like finesse that frankly impressed me. Totally ignores it now, of course, but I was quite surprised with the 'skill' involved there.laugh out loud