Sibling rivalry- mouthing

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Barked: Fri May 20, '05 8:33pm PST 
We got CoCo at the local shelter about a month ago. He is a great dog and we all love him very much. The only problem is that he gets jealous of our two year old son and mouths at him. How do we stop this? We are a little worried that he is going to bite our son one of these days, also we are planning on having more children in the future and want to take care of this before we bring an infant into the picture. We dont want to get rid of him. Any suggestions?
tazz man

Barked: Fri May 20, '05 10:33pm PST 
every time coco goes to mouth at your son get a spray bottle and spray coco with it and if that does not work, make coco sit beside your son and stay there give your son some treats to give to coco and coco should settle down.