How to teach a dog to jump into your arms?

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Barked: Fri Feb 11, '11 6:02am PST 
I would like to teach Kato to jump up into my arms. I saw a video that showed how to do it by sitting in a chair and having the dog jump in your lap, but I just can't seem to get Kato to do that. Probably because he's big, and for him to fit in my lap, I have to awkwardly lean back so he doesn't smack me in the face when he tries to climb up.

Any ideas?
Shayne CGC,- RL2

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Barked: Fri Feb 11, '11 6:27am PST 
The sitting method is one of the better methods as it builds up security for the dog knowing you WILL catch him.

If the first step is a problem, I would first teach him to "hop up" on to everything. Work on teaching him to hop up on smaller and smaller surfaces (first a couch, a bed... then work towards maybe a big box, and then maybe a small step stool).

This video is about a backstall but the first 1/2 is about teaching a dog to "hop up" which you can use to teach the dog catch.

first part of the video has hop-up info

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Very helpful, Shayne! Thanks for posting applause


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This is the video I used to teach Cohen to jump into my arms:

Teaching Handsome To Jump Into My Arms

The tough part was starting out. Like you, I had trouble getting her to jump into my lap while I sat on a chair. So I started on a couch where there was plenty of cushion on either side of me to give her confidence.

For a long time Cohen would not jump high enough -- we're talking months. I sort of left the behaviour for a while and came back to it, working on speed and confidence. Now she adores doing it and will look at me and crouch excitedly when she thinks I'm going to ask her.

Final note: I recommend practicing this while not in the presence of other dogs. I'm not sure if it applies to all dogs, but Cohen lacks confidence while in the presence of other dogs, and her being in my arms clearly made her feel vulnerable.

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Thanks for the responses.

Kato is a big monkey. He loves to jump on things. He also loves to be in my arms so he can get a better view of things. I just hate having to bend over to pick him up. laugh out loudHe does know the "hop up" cue. I actually do it exactly like you Shayne by tapping the object twice and saying "hop up".

So I used that to try to get him onto my lap, but I suppose that was too big of a jump in size for him. I'll give the chair method another shot. Just need to find various objects in different sizes to get Kato to jump on first. He should really enjoy learning this trick.smile
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Two of my poodles actually learned this by being in the back when I was giving a group pat and being jealous enough to leap over the other dogs and land in my lap. From landing in my lap when I was sitting to my arms was a small step...all I did was stand up and pat the other guys. Problem is, they don't do it on command, just when they feel like it and now Beanie thinks my arms are his if there are any other dogs near me, and I am sometimes not ready to catch them. So far no one has hit the floor but I do worry about it happening.

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I somehow taught Bunny to climb into my arms when I lower them and hold them out. I know that was not what you are asking, but it is too bad I have no idea how I taught him that. It has come in very handy for things like putting him on the table at the vet's, weighing him at home, and even when a GSD tried to attack him.