how much cold can your dogs take?

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nap time is all- the time!
Barked: Mon Dec 13, '10 2:56pm PST 
This weekend we had a blizzard role through and it's been super cold the last two days. We didn't get nearly as much snow as just north of us, we have about 2-3 inches on the ground. Ella loves the snow and loves running around in it and Ringo seems to like it too.

But the cold....today the high was about 10 with wind chill around neg 10-20 I think. I get home from work and take the dogs out and they do their business run around a bit and are ready to come in. 15 min later Ella is whining at the door again so I take the dogs out again and bring a ball to throw around. About 2 min in Ringo starts lifting his paw as if its cold. Then about 1 min later Ringo is lifting one of his back paws and limping around on 3 feet, it was the funniest thing I've ever seen him do! He does this trying to walk to the door about 10 feet away and then when he gets there he stand in front of the door so I can't open it. Finally after him moving about an inch at a time limping on 3 feet I get him in and he will barely walk up the 4 stairs inside the house.

I honestly started to think he had hurt his paw...but wouldn't you know 30 seconds in the house and he is running around! laugh out loud

Considering he is twice the size of Ella he sure is huge weenie!! Ella was outside another 10 min and shaking the whole time but she was too busy smelling, running around, and looking for squirrels to come in any sooner!

I thought it was so cute that Ringo is such a weenie about the cold! How do your dogs like the snow and cold?
Drover- Deputy Of- Security

Mr. Pudge
Barked: Mon Dec 13, '10 3:10pm PST 
lol drover does the paw thing too when he gets too cold and wants to come in. today the windchill was 25-30 below, but it still took him a while to notice!! We just got about three feet of snow and some of it was piled into a drift. I threw a tennis ball into there for drover to get and while looking for it he created a tunnel in the snow about 6 feet in!!! Then, about an hour later he realised it was a bit chilly outside, and we went in. I had hot chocolate, and he had some treats. overall, drover loves the snow as long as he gets let in to warm up once in a while.big grin

Barked: Mon Dec 13, '10 3:17pm PST 
Cooper, Fynny and pupper Hoyt are all wussy about the snow and cold. They pee, poo, and immediately turn around to head back in. ZERO horseplay happenin outside lately (today I believe we hit a high of 4, windchill was so bad you could hardly breathe, got about 9 inches of snow this weekend on top of the 6 or so we got last week - parts of MN saw an additional ***20***. For anyone aware of what the Metrodome is (was) that "broke" it lol, not pleasant here at all as of late).

Trigger on the other hand will run until his nose falls off. Literally. I have a picture on his profile of him while we were throwing dummy one winter day two years ago. It had been frigid for several days, but he was going stir crazy in the house so I finally indulged him in a solid fetch session. We were out maybe a half an hour, if that. He actually ended up with frostbite on his face. Lost fur, bits of skin, was all red and puffy for weeks, and wowza was he in some pain. For awhile there vet absolutely thought he was going to lose a chunk of his nose shock

He didn't bat an eye while we were out. I now won't let the dogs be outside longer than I can stand without a coat. Especially Trig, tough ol coot, what he won't do to retrieve anything, anywhere, under any conditions.... party

Tanuk CGC

Sherpa Tanuk of- Everest
Barked: Mon Dec 13, '10 3:39pm PST 
I can honestly say we've never experienced your problems! laugh out loud

i haz mai bone
Barked: Mon Dec 13, '10 3:45pm PST 
It's been about -15 C here without the windchill.
Nova doesn't whine to come in for about 1 - 2 hours, Duke is about 20 mins! BOL

If someone is outside playing with them though, I think they would stay out as long as we did.

Awesome Dog
Barked: Mon Dec 13, '10 3:49pm PST 
Risa doesn't tolerate cold very well. She's lean and only has a single coat. If it's 20 degrees or below, I have her wear a coat. Her paws get cold easily if it's wet/snowy especially and 20 degrees or below.

If it's too cold, we just don't go out for more than potty breaks. We had a couple days when we lived in Montana that were in the negative teens. It was in, out, and done!
Delta and- Doc

The Spots Are In- The House!
Barked: Mon Dec 13, '10 3:51pm PST 
Delta doesn't care that she is short coated. Lol She's been out in the snow for up to two hours playing and not even notice it. Lol If she's standing around, she notices quick, but if she's exercising then she is fine. Doc seems to hold his own for a little bit too, but I try not to keep him out too much. This was really the first time they were in the snow for a bit and Delta did the paw thing for a minute or two but then was good to go. Like she had to get used to it again. lol
Ginger- M.I.A.

my first and- finest
Barked: Mon Dec 13, '10 4:12pm PST 
Wow... poor Trigger!

Ginger was a retired sled dog, she lived outside in Colorado winters for ten years, she could handle snow like a pro! She could sleep in the snow, just curled her tail over her face for protection. Her feet were TOUGH- could run in snow all day long and never got iceballs or needed booties for protection like some sled dogs.

Bruno loves snow too- I've never taken him out in for long, though, since I've only had him since last February and it hasn't snowed for real yet this year here (several "almosts" that melted when they hit the ground. Boo.) Funny for a dog from Tucson, AZ, he's amazingly cold-tolerant... the colder it gets, the happier he seems to be. ("Cold" in Western Oregon is relative, though... people from New England or even the Midwest would laugh at what's considered "cold" here, like 35 degrees F.)
❤ Sadie- ❤

Miss Sadie the- Trouble Maker
Barked: Mon Dec 13, '10 4:18pm PST 
Honestly i got to say my pups are wimps when it comes to the cold....and it doesnt even snow and barely rains. Here in the OC today it was almost 80 degrees but when it drops down to maybe 45 degrees other days they shiver like no other. THey are OC pups i guess they get used to the OC sun we have everyday!laugh out loud

Tennis ball,- tennis ball,- tennis ball...
Barked: Mon Dec 13, '10 4:19pm PST 
Brutus and Buckeye don't normally seem bothered by the cold weather..

This morning, though, was an exception! 2 degrees with a -14 degree windchill. You could barely go outside for a few minutes, even dressed properly, without freezing. We were in a windchill advisory for a LONG time. The news channels were reporting that everyone should stay inside.

The winds were SO very strong, thats why it was extremely cold.

Brutus and Buckeye do enjoy cold weather if its not TOO cold. They usually bare it, however, because of their long coats.
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