Why Did My Dog Pee On Me?

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Barked: Sun May 30, '10 2:48am PST 
Malika is one of my newer dogs. She is a big puppy that I saved from the animal shelter. She hasn't shown any behavioral issues until now. She has been doing well on her housetraining and is about 70% there. This morning I was sitting at my computer (about 10 minutes ago) and I picked her up to put her in my lap and love her. To my surprise, she peed on me! Malika has never done this before and I'm a bit shocked. I had to change my clothes! I'm not mad at her, and it really was a very weird occurance.
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Barked: Sun May 30, '10 3:28am PST 
Well, the first couple things that come to mind is 1. she just needed to go and the pressure when you picker her up made it where she couldn't hold it. 2. You may have startled her when you picked her up.

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As us dog owners know, many things can make a dog pee. To pee on you, well she is just a puppy so it could be she just needed to pee, it could be anxeiety or pressure on her bladder or maybe just pure excitement from being cuddled, the other flip side if you have not had her long could be fear as we will not always know how some pups have been treated. I am sure things will improve as you gain trust in each other. Good luck she is a lovely pup.dog


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I agree with the others

ETA and in case you need help with potty training:

http://www.dogstardaily.com/training/errorless-housetra ining

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It does sound like an accident or submission. I once peed on my person. We were at the shelter, I was getting a chip and shot, anyway it was pretty scary and I wanted everyone there to know I had my own person so I raised my leg and peed/marked her. She was kinda flattered since it took me a while to decide to belong to her.

You puppy sounds adorable, I am sure it was an accident.

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I'm having the same issue with my puppy but he's going potty on my husband. My pup will be playing with my husband and just sit and bite him then potty on him and then keep trying to play with my husband and this is the second time he's done this not sure what to do about this