Canine Autism?

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Barked: Sun Oct 5, '08 4:25pm PST 
Hi everyone,

Okay this may sound bizarre, but my mom thinks I have something like autism as I have a whole repertoire of crazy behaviors that well, are just not normal in the canine world.

So, I am wondering if such a thing as Canine Autism (or similar, psychiatric/mental condition) exists and if so, does anyone have experience with a dog who has it?

I've done a google search and there's not much out there, so any help/thoughts would be awesome and much appreciated and will help us out so much!

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Barked: Sun Oct 5, '08 4:47pm PST 
I would assume since human brains and dog brains are very similar (aside from a smaller cerebral cortex in dogs) that it IS possible that autism spectral disorder could show up in dogs. But I haven't ever heard of it...
What sort of strange behaviours are you talking about?

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Barked: Sun Oct 5, '08 5:24pm PST 
Like Cracker, I would be interested in what behaviors you are concerned about. I have dealt with a dog with ADHD symptoms. Quite an experience. My newest one is teasingly referred to as having ADD.


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Barked: Sun Oct 5, '08 6:35pm PST 
I am very curious what behaviors a dog might have that seem autistic?

Avoids eye contact, or avoids interacting with you? Isn't able to pick up on social cues..delayed language, perseverates on an item, topic or routine? Sensitive to touch, sound or lights? Self-injurous?

Barked: Tue Oct 7, '08 2:41pm PST 
Thanks for your replies. Here are just a few of the behaviors:

Very, very hyper ( beyond normal)
High anxiety ( pants and continuously whines)
Barks all the time
Rarely still
Gets bored of routine but always over-excited by change and new people/situations
Not aggressive around other dogs but, just weird, like she will be in a play bow, tail wagging and barking her head off with her hackles up...like she is confused.
If she does play with a ball and she drops it and runs back to me without it, she will have no idea where it is but thinks it should be at my feet
Avoids eye contact most of time but not all of time
Doesn't sometimes recognize us or just totally aloof . totally disconnected with us...this is a big one.
Total lack of affection for us most of the time.
Doesn't seem to recognize/respond to her name
Very very short attention span
Runs around in circles crazily despite having been for two hour exercise
Very poor social cues with humans and with other dogs ( gets crazy and runs around barking, other dogs try to correct her behavior then kind of retreat ( not submissively) almost like they know she is not 'normal'. We are working with a trainer on other social cues but she doesn't seem to understand things.
Unable to learn very much..just doesn't seem to understand. Now and again she will copy my other dog ( e.g. Sit) but often just deosn't seem to get it, becomes bored and walks off and is totally not interested.
Doesn't much like being petted, although sometimes she does but can't handle it for long
Can get growly/snappy for no reason and just wants to sit in her crate alone and away from the rest of us
She is housebroken but s pees in the house, it's not submissive peeing, she just seems to forget that she is supposed to pee outside.

What do you think?

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Barked: Tue Oct 7, '08 3:05pm PST 
As far as I know there is no camine autism.

I work with severely disable kids, soem are autistic, and there are lots of incorrect media stereotypes about autism. Its kind of the "in" disability know and everyone is talkign abotu it. Autism is a spectrum disorder which means that there is a very wide range of symptoms.

Some dogs exhibit behavior similar to obsessive compulsive disorder. They will routinely repeat a behavior. This months issue of hte whole dog journal has a good article on it.
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Every dog must- have his day.
Barked: Tue Oct 7, '08 3:07pm PST 
Many dogs dont make eye contact. Some dogs also dont enjoy being petted. It is really the humans who prefer the petting, in general, rather then the dogs. Your dog also might just be a bit energetic and pent up. Tiring her out might make her more cuddly.

As far as autism it is not true that all individuals with autism do not like to be touched and do not make eye contact. Though some exhibit these traits.
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Barked: Mon Nov 3, '08 12:11am PST 
Pardon me whilst I twitch a moment. -twitches- Ok done now....
All animals are 'autistic' to some degree. Why do you think when you train your dog you cant be abstract? It's how I keep Sachiko in check. I just remember her brain is much like my own. Teach her by association.

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Barked: Fri Jan 6, '12 7:47am PST 
Canine autism DOES in fact exist according to two well-known
veterinarians & authors - Dr Marty Goldstein, DVM and Dr Richard Pitcairn, DVM both of whom feel that not only does it exist, but that it is very likely the result of vaccine damage (a similar belief held by many in the human world as well with regards autism).
Apparently there are nutraceutical and/or homeopathic remedies that can help with this condition but I think that a personal consult with either vet would be needed in order to determine specifics relevant to an individual case.
Hope this helps someone out there?!
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Barked: Fri Jan 6, '12 7:55am PST 
I said that if I heard the autism-vaccine myth perpetuated one more time I would scream..so cover your ears! AAAUUUGGGHHH!!!!
The study that "proved" this link is absolute bunk. The dostor who conducted the study admitted it was bunk & he has lost his licence & has been censured. There is NO TRUTH to this & I wish people would stop citing this bad science as proven fact.
BUT..I would be interested in reading the studies you cited regarding dogs. Can you provide a link?
Sounds like an under stimulated, under exercised, under trained dog to me.
Pardon my snippiness..as I am nursing another bruised rib, courtesy of an ASD client of mine.
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