House Breaking...AGAIN!

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Barked: Tue May 17, '05 4:37am PST 
Hello Dogster Friends! We are having a major issur in our 2 bullmastiff-home. At 16 months, our female has decided that she will no longer "go" outside. It has been a week since she has done her business outside of the house. She refuses to do it. We have stood outside with her for hours, she comes inside, and within minutes she relieves herself on our floor. Does anyone have any suggestions? She is ruining my newly rennovated home and we are looking to sell soon! Help pleeeeeeaaaaase!

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Barked: Tue May 17, '05 11:01am PST 
What an odd story. I didn't know that potty training can be reversed. Is it possible that your dog's potty area is dirty? Snowy refuses to use his weewee pad (his potty area) if it's dirty.

If you're looking forward to selling your house in prestine condition, maybe you can look into doggie diapers... (it's a quick fix)

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Barked: Thu May 19, '05 7:13pm PST 
I have that problem. For me it's because I've been in a shelter my whole life, and I don't understand I'm supposed to go potty outside, not in the house. My Aunt got some dog training books, and called her Aunt Tuli (who has five dogs according to my Aunty). She recommended taking the soiled towls and poop and laying it outside so I'd associate that smell with going in the proper place. She's also found out that moving the dog food (if possible) to the spot will keep dogs from going there. C'mon we don't like eating in the bathroom either! Or using a den (whatever that is) as a teaching aid.


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Barked: Sun May 22, '05 12:32am PST 
I have done this a couple of times and am going through this now. Mommy takes me out every morning after breakfast and makes sure I do what I am supposed too. Then I come back in and she gets her shower. She gets out of the shower to get her Mello Yello Ha and there it is... #2 in the same place, usually in the foyer. She had talked to my OS teacher and she said it is very possible us doggies go backward at times. She suggested mommy put me back into my crate when she gets her shower. I got mad at her the first day or so but I know she will be coming to get me. I love my crate so I know I am not in trouble when I get in it. Britney
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Barked: Sat May 28, '05 7:37pm PST 
Demi gave a good suggestion about putting soiled towels outside. Dogs will sometimes reverse their good potty habits if there has been a change in the house. You say it has been newly renovated and you are looking to sell soon. Has there been alot of hustle and bustle going on? She sounds like she is voicing her opinion to the changes.

Something I might suggest. You said you have been outside for hours and she holds it. Is she doing anything outside. To help her feel like she has to go, play with her, take her for a walk, and don't let her back in until she goes, and praise her up when she does go.

And I know you probably don't want to hear this, but it may not stop until you move. I had the same problem with my female after my husband moved in, and she continued going in the house periodically for over a year until we moved into a new place. But it was real bad for me as my apartment was old and everything was carpet, including the kitchen and bathroom.

Keep your chin up and don't give up.