Dog eating Kleenex

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Barked: Thu May 24, '07 4:30am PST 
Our 8 yr old miniature schnauzer has been eating Kleenex or toilet paper as much as he possibly can lately and we have no idea why. In the past, he has gotten into the bathroom garbage and eaten Kleenex and other things, but that was once every few months, and we started closing the doors when we left the house.

Now, if we forget to close the bathroom door and are only gone for 20 mins, he will go right toward that. It isn't even like he's following the scent of anything, he is just eating used Kleenex. I accidentally left a Kleenex box next to the bed the other night on the floor and yesterday when we were at work, he got into that and tore up about 5 Kleenexes.

Does anyone else have experience with this? It has been becoming more frequent over the past few months. Is he just bored when we leave? Is he mad? Does he have a problem? It's just annoying and frustrating and then we feel bad when it finally passes through him a day or so later. Any suggestions? Thanks!
Josie - CGC

California Girl
Barked: Thu May 24, '07 10:35am PST 
Sounds like a classic 'bored dog' with a hint of 'thief'.
Khola- CDX, CGC

R plus and- paitence what a- shocking idea
Barked: Thu May 24, '07 11:38am PST 
sounds like he has remembered from his puppy days just how much funa nd how tasty those things can be. It is important that he not eat them though because they can cause impaction in his stomach and can cause a very expensive bill to the vet.

If you can't get yourself to remember to close the doors, keep the rolls off of the wall and put them up where he cannot reach them. Same thing with the tissue... up up up! and get rubbish bins that have closed lids on them that he cannot get into.

After you paperproof your house, work on finding things that are reinforcing and fun for your dog to do whilre you're gone. A stuffed kong, or a puzzle toy can really help. So can getting an extra walk in there each day that works his mind and body.


Barked: Thu May 24, '07 4:04pm PST 
My Schnauzer/Poodle is just like that! He's always been attracted to kleenex and toilet paper. He loves to shred it and spread it - all over the place!

We've resorted to putting all of our garbages under the sink , or we've bought little garbage cans with Cooper-proof lids (cheapies at Linens N' Things) to thwart his evil plans.

Cooper hasn't gotten into the toilet paper on the roll, or the kleenex from the box. He's a garbage dog.

Good luck. I know how annoying this habit can be!
Josie - CGC

California Girl
Barked: Thu May 24, '07 4:12pm PST 
I guess I should have been more specific...

'Bored dog' because he only does it when you leave. Other entertainment should give him something more constructive to do, just like any bored dog problem.

'Thief' because he knows that it's bad and does it anyway. Like eating off of a person's plate. It's delicious, but it's wrong. Oh so wrong, in all the right ways. So specific training against thieving behavior could also help.

To clarify that it doesn't sound like an 'angry' dog or a dog with 'problems'. Just a normal puppy dog with a tissue fetish!

Leisure Dog- Extraordinare!
Barked: Thu May 24, '07 5:04pm PST 
Mmmmmm - yummy kleenex! Max loves them, too. I think it's a boredom thing, too. Putting the trash in a cabinet or out of reach is the only thing we've found that helps.
♥- Ginger- ♥- R.I.P

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Barked: Thu May 24, '07 5:40pm PST 
Although Ginger never ate toilet paper and Kleenex, she enjoyed shredding it and dragging it all over the house. We thought we had broken her of this habit, but noticed we were using an awful lot of Ultra Charmin (that's some good stuff). Something caught my eye at the end of the bed...underneath the king size every square inch was covered in cotton soft shreds. Baby girl was hiding her habit and she was loving it. It was a mess, but it sure was funny. big grin

Nothin' but the- dingo in me
Barked: Thu May 24, '07 6:37pm PST 
Mmmmm... kleenex! Yum.

You know what else is super fun to rip apart and chomp on?
Dryer sheets. Sooo cool. cheer

daddys girl
Barked: Thu May 24, '07 10:01pm PST 
Jade does the same thing , loves to get dirty tissue from the
bathroom wastebasket. We keep the bathroom door shut.
Montejo never really got into tissue, but he sure liked munching
on kitty poo.

Barked: Fri May 25, '07 4:24am PST 
Thanks for your responses, I guess it's our responsibility to remember to shut the bathroom doors when we leave. At first I thought he only did it when we were gone for too long, but now it seems like he makes a beeline for the bathrooms as soon as we get in our car and drive away. Unfortunately Huck isn't one for playing with toys by himself... he has a whole pile of toys sitting there that he doesn't touch unless we try to play with him. He's a little older now (8 yrs) so maybe that's why. I think the solution might be to get him a buddy so he's not home alone all the time....