kicking back legs

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Barked: Wed Jan 10, '07 4:52pm PST 
You are not alone, Rudy. My Pomeranian cousin kicks her back legs in the house all the time, just like I do outside after I poo or pee. I only did it once in the house. I was on Mommy's bed and I started kicking my back feet, and then I peed on the bed. Oh boy was Mommy mad. She didn't let me sleep with her for a long time after that.

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Blake CGC

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Barked: Wed Jan 10, '07 6:06pm PST 
A bit OT, but is this the same reason cats do this in litter boxes? Or, are they actually covering their feces?

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Barked: Wed Jan 10, '07 7:49pm PST 
Brody you are so adorable! My mom loves you! Do you think a Scotty like you and a Schnauzer like me would get along together? Hmm.

I sure hope I don't pee on moms bed. I love sleeping with her. Dad always thinks I am about to do something too when I kick my legs back but I haven't yet. I actually think I am pretty good at letting mom and dad know when I have to go outside and haven't had an accident in ages!
Usually I am all riled up when I do this, running around, barking, playing, being a goof ball...Maybe my body is just confused, I am still a growing girl. Hopefully though it won't come to me peeing in the house, or else I will be in deep trouble!


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Barked: Thu Jan 11, '07 4:59am PST 
Edgar started doing that while visiting my parents over the holidays. My sister had her 3 yrear old schnoodle (appedly named "Trouble"), and (at first) wasn't very interested in playing with a 7 month old puppy with insane amounts of energy. So Edgar would take a toy run around Trouble, then set it down in front of him, bark, and if that didn't get him interested Edgar would kick his back legs. The funny part is when he tried to do it on the tile floor ... he kicked so hard he slid backwards like he was doin the moonwalk. So figured it had to do something with being territorial or dominance ... cause after 2 or 3 kicks Trouble would steal the toy and the chase would insue.
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Barked: Thu Jan 11, '07 6:12am PST 
Stitches does it and I think it's her way of stretching her back legs. She'll stand up after sleeping and start kicking those legs like crazy and then she's off and running.
Marlowe, CGC

Barked: Thu Jan 11, '07 8:34am PST 
Cats have an instinct to cover their excrament (though I've met several cats who would contest that!). Dogs clearly don't, but they do have those scent pads.

Dogs however don't have scent glands around their faces like cats do, so any face/head rubbing is probably just becuase it feels good and is unrelated to territorial marking. Marlowe rubs his head like a cat on me or on the bed all the time becuase he likes the way it feels. He moans and groans and has a great time.

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Barked: Thu Jan 11, '07 9:51am PST 
Beau always kicks after peeing flinging dirt and debris everywhere.

He also has this habit with certain bushes(usually of the evergreen variety)and along our usual walking routes. He will back into the bushes and rub his bum into them, hip checking side to side while growling and kicking his feet furiously for several moments and then he spring forward and continue walking. The sense I get is that Beau is marking his territory

Beau comes to work with me, and he has a problem with a guy that works for us( a real "non-dog" person). This guy is usually not in the office much but on jobsites, but when he is here, Beau will follow him , growl and bark etc.. The one thing that really sets Beau off with this guy though is when the guy wipes his feet, Beau will go crazy. I can't help but think that Beau sees this guy as "marking his territory" also.
Cowboy (We miss you bud)

Barked: Thu Jan 11, '07 9:57am PST 
Kiona does that, I hate it. I always go to sniff her pee, and then WHAM. Dirt in the face! Steph always has a grand old time laughing at me. Ffft, girls.

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Barked: Thu Jan 11, '07 10:04am PST 
I do this too! I do it when I'm mad or seeking attention, as well. I also do it when I want to go outside and my mom is doing her own thing.

My granny calls it my "Happy Dance." Every time I do it, everyone says, "Brody's dancing again!"

Barked: Thu Jan 11, '07 10:16am PST 
Sol does this when he poops and sometimes when he pees. The funniest thing is, though, is that he scratches at the ground about a good five feet away from the poop/pee area, and in a completely opposite direction from where it was. He kicks up grass and dirt, and has actually hit people walking by him with the grass and dirt he kicks up. It' pretty funny to watch...
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