Puppy eating bark from trees

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"Shera dont eat- that!!!"
Barked: Thu Nov 9, '06 4:10pm PST 
I have a 7 month old pit bull. She isnt destructive in the house but when she plays with her doggie friends she will go off to the side and eat (i do mean eat, not just chew) bark off a tree, tree limbs, and/or mulch. I will walk over to her and she will run away. She will then go back to the tree asap or go eat something else. I am trying to teach her "let it go" but that doesnt work when she is far away. I have tried the bitter apple stuff to no avail. It bothers me because sometimes she throws up wood when we get inside later on. She thinks its a game of keep away when I try to get it out of her mouth. She is beating me on this problem. I tried going up to trees and letting her start to eat and than I say No.
Is there something more I can do? Or is it just a stage? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

for Rio - CYSTS BE GONE!!
Barked: Fri Nov 10, '06 5:04am PST 
Keep working on "Let it go" - I think that's probably what I call "leave it". I started with trading items for other items and treats and moved on from there. It's such a useful command!

Dogs don't generalize well, so you need to teach her that the command applies wherever you are. Start with something she's not all that interested in and ask her to "let it go" at a distance, then move onto the high prize of bark!

Some of it may be the end of teething, or she may just be a chewer. Rosie is almost 2 years old and she'd still eat sticks if I let her - I have dozens of chew toys for her that I rotate. She likes seeing something new - she doesn't seem to realize that she was chewing it 2 weeks ago!