My chihuahua wont stop peeing on the carpet!

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Miss Camilla

Barked: Thu Jul 20, '06 5:33pm PST 
what am I supposed to do about my chihuahua peeing on the carpet all the time! Because when I put her in her crate she just whines! I need some major advice here!

Barked: Thu Jul 20, '06 5:44pm PST 
There's a lot of tips that I can give you but first things first...you cannot let your pup control you. If you take her back out of the crate after a few cries, she will diefantely do it again to get what she wants.
I had my husky paper trained indoors at first because thats easier and then I got her to start doing her business outdoors. How old is she? You should try to take her out during the appropriate times such as..in the morning and after her naps, after a meal, and just before bedtime. If you see her peeing during her walks..praise her to let her know what she's doing is right. They have some of those sprays in pet stores that helps you clean off the odor on your carpets and also sprays you can use in the area where you want her to pee..for instance..weewee pads. Not too sure if it works or not...but let me know how it works out for you.

I'm a Princess!
Barked: Thu Jul 20, '06 6:00pm PST 
I sent you a pup mail and a pup pal request!

Mingus, CGC,- R3GL

Barked: Fri Jul 21, '06 4:06am PST 
Is she really only one month old??

Leisure Dog- Extraordinare!
Barked: Fri Jul 21, '06 9:43am PST 
She's just a baby girl, so it's going to take a little time and patience on your part! Remember, she has a teeny, tiny bladder!

Make lots of trips outside & praise her like crazy when she goes where she's supposed to. She can only hold her bladder for 2-3 hours, and she'll need to go potty 1st thing in the morning, after each nap, after each meal, and before bedtime (and probably during the night at first, too). She should go out every couple of hours so that she can learn that's the right place to go potty.

And don't let her convince you that she has to come out of the crate by whining. It's OK for her to be in there when you can't watch her. Take her out to potty first, then put her in her kennel with a safe toy & a blanket.

Ahh so you wanna- play huh? Bring- It!
Barked: Sun Jul 23, '06 11:44am PST 
I have a baby chihuahua myself, Otis, he is 3.5 months old now and still has accidents daily. I was very frustrated with him as well in the beginning but he is getting better as each week passes. Chihuahuas have the smallest bladders and it can take them a long time to be trianed. Just be consistant with her, let her out to pee as often as you can, and praise her when he goes in the right place.

My chi whining a lot when I put him in his crate, and he still does sometimes. They grow out of it..you just have to be patient!

my sweetie
Barked: Sun Jul 23, '06 11:50am PST 
My boy peed for awhile when he was little but i trained him with apple bitter and petco pads. He now is very trained .Just have patience and take your time she will be perfect soon

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Barked: Mon Jul 24, '06 6:08pm PST 
i dont know about the potty cause ive never had a chiuahua but as for the crate..
when we first got bowen i slept downstairs by his crate that way when he started to feel lonely or needed out i could be their. when he was lonely i would hold him for a few minutes and pet him until he fell asleep then put him back to bed. like a mom with a fussy newborn. if she keeps being fussy just sit by her crate and talk to her or put your finger in the crate so she can lick it and know your their.
hope i helped