going potty in the house =(

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Barked: Mon May 30, '05 6:26pm PST 
mommy is going crazy cause me and goliath are doing our peepee and poopies in the house, and she doesnt know what to do! we are older so we should know better but we just hate to hold and we dont like mommy yellin at us. any suggestions?

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Barked: Mon May 30, '05 10:08pm PST 
Well, if you're older, and it's just a matter of not holding it ... have you tried pee pads or a doggie litter box?

Sterling rarely gets left home alone, but if he does, I put a pee pad down for him by the front door. He only uses it in emergencies -- and it's better than having him use the carpet.

Also, if your fur-kids have been using the carpet, the smell is probably part of your problem. Even if you can't smell it, they still can, and will gravitate to the spot they last used. Try buying a bottle of Nature's Miracle and thoroughly dousing any spots that have been formerly peed upon.

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Barked: Tue May 31, '05 8:03pm PST 
Yelling won't do anything especially if your mom yells at you after the deed has been done. Us doggies have such short memories, we don't even remember that we peed in the house!

Your mom has to catch you in the act to scold you. Otherwise, there's nothing that can be done (other than cleaning).

Also, tell your mom that she has to give you tons of praises (and maybe a treat or two) when you pee/poo in the right place! A little motivation goes a long way smile


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Barked: Wed Jun 1, '05 10:34am PST 
Hey there little guy, I know just how you and your owner feels. I was adopted at an older age, and I had problems with toilet training.

My owner used the "umbilical" method - she held onto my 6 ft leash 100 percent of the time unless I was in my little crate. Just me and her at either end of a 6 ft leash for months. It worked.

Like the humans say, "when you gotta go, you gotta go" so yelling never stopped me. Sometimes I was full, sometimes I just *had* to mark my territory being a male dog and all.

A human was always right there to take me outside. They out-stubborned me.
Diesel- ♥

It's My birthday- today!!!
Barked: Wed Jun 1, '05 1:59pm PST 
thanks for the feedback guys. mommy doesnt really yell at us anymore, shes just mad at herself. mommy was tellin us she is gonna buy is wee wee pads, so if there is an accident its on the pad and she is going to try and motivate us a lot more. boy oh boy, we are in for a ride.