Beagle help needed!

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Barked: Sat Aug 24, '13 12:29pm PST 
U have a Little over a year old beagle which is full of energy n loud barks, but recently had a trip for 2 days in which I had my parents look after her n as I got back she isn't responding to me or even coming near. She gets a lot of exercise and fed regularly. I just can't seem to understand why she acts as though she hates both me n my wife and she stopped barking n seems lifeless. What shud I do here?

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Have you seen a Vet?
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Barked: Thu Feb 13, '14 1:33pm PST 
I might be a little late, (Feb 13/14), but how you making out now? Always pay special attention whenever you enter the room/home/yard etc. They will love you to death. They also like a little smooth, underneath BOTH eyes, just above the lips. Enjoy!