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Hi all,

New here and hoping some experienced owners can give me some advice about my Beagle, Luigi.
Here's some basic info: male, neutered, nearly 2.5 years old now, tri-colour, been on raw meaty bones diet for about 4 months.

1 - Hair loss: Luigi seems to lose an incredible amount of hair all year round. Its always been that way even when he was on dry food (James Wellbeloved / Burns). Vet says his skin and coat is in very good condition. But I'm hoping there is something we can do to reduce the hair loss? He currently gets fish once a week.

2 - Scavenging: Is there anyway to reduce the amount of food / poo that he scavenges when out on walks? We've tried a spray collar (plain, citronella & mustard) but doesn't work. We also have a rattle can (can with coins) that we shake when he is naughty and if that doesn't stop him, we throw it at the ground near him. He knows the leave command with toys, but with food / poo this doesn't seem to work. All the above just encourages him to gulp it down and run away.

3 - Running away: In the last week, he has run away from the dog walker 3 times. And actually crossed the road a few times running between the two parks. Actually turns out he quite often used to run away and run around the park and out of sight but would go back to the car about 1h / 1.5h later. We can't think why he doesn't this randomly and can't think of any triggers. He's never done it with me though and I've walked same route.

4 - Feeding: What else does everyone feed their Beagles if they are on Raw Meaty Bone diet? I'm using chicken as the base (all parts), lamb hearts, mackerel, lamb chops. What weight do you give per meal? What other meats do you give?

I'm sure there are more things I'll think of to ask, but this would be a good start. Appreciate all your help smile

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I would like to recommend that you re-post your feeding questions in the Raw Forum(click link), and your behavioral questions in the Behavior and Training Forum(click link).

However, I will answer what I can, as I can.

My Beagle sheds his fur A LOT for being a short haired dog too. Many of my fosters did too. I find the more stressed the fog is, the more they shed too. If he's doing it no matter what you're feeding, is it at all possible that there could be stress-triggers causing it?

The only way you will get a firm leave it for food, is to work on it with food. Have something of low value type food in one hand, and ask for a leave it. If he looks away or leaves it, he gets a higher value treat from your other hand. You'd want to work on this first in the house, and then later, outside, but you would basically build it up to the food that he has to leave, on the floor. Also, NEVER given him the food he's supposed to 'leave'. Do you know what all he picks up outside? Is there anything in particular he seems fond of picking up? Charlie USED to be exactly like this, and after working on strong drop it and leave it commands, he's become wonderful at leaving items when I ask him to. My puppy on the other hand, isn't quite there yet. And if it's say, the poo of livestock, all bets for leaving it are off. laugh out loud

Does the dog walker tell you at all how he's getting away from her in the first place? You say you've walked the same route and he hasn't done this with you, and I'm honestly wondering if it's a problem of negligence on the dog walker's part, and would honestly look into a different dog walker. Once is a mistake, twice is a "my fault"... but more than that, and it's becoming a habit of negligence. Now, don't get me wrong, there's other factors such as collars slipping/breaking, etc. But it really does come down to the negligence. My Beagle Charlie can escape leashes without breaking the latch or the collar. How? No clue, but he's never done it on a walk, especially not if it's attached to his head collar or a harness. Beagles, however, once they catch a scent, will follow that scent to their hearts content, which is what they were bred to do and likely the reason he's continuing to evade her and run. In fact, many are quick with the scent tracking too, and will run full out with their noses to the ground. It's also well known that Beagles are great escape artists. I'd recommend, if you don't already know, finding out details of HOW he's escaping her and then take action from there. Maybe, if you can set it up, go for a walk with her and show her what you do to prevent his escape. Also, you may not SEE what the trigger is, but ANY scent that he likes is a trigger. A few weeks ago, my dog picked up the scent of grouse, a bird he has NEVER had any contact with before, and began running through the field, nose to the ground, baying. It was insane! He was on his long line, thank goodness, so I had hold of him the whole time, but he turned right to his instincts and was off in a flash. It wasn't until I saw the birds running across the field that I picked up on what scent he'd caught. It's impossible for us to figure out what scents may trigger a scenthound, but we do learn how to become more manageable with a scenthound and how to prevent these things from turning these dogs into houdini's, lol.

As my dog often swaps between raw, and between grain-free, high quality kibble, it's hard for me to say really. My dog WILL not eat poultry raw, and sometimes won't even eat it cooked he's so picky! He does, however, love various other meats, such as rabbit, beef, pork(depending on what cut it is, or what body part), bison, lamb, deer and elk. Sometimes I buy a basic commercial diet(which is usually ground patties of raw organs, meat and bones), other times I buy from the grocery store if things are on sale. Typically, the weight per meal is 2-3% of the dogs overall body weight. And it's typically 80% meat, 10% bone, 5% liver, and 5% other organs. I'd recommend checking out the threads below for information on raw!
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... And many more on that forum!

Can I recommend making an account to make it easier to keep track of posts and so we can all get to know you? I'd love to see pictures of Luigi! Welcome to Dogster! smile