Question about Beagle colors

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Barked: Fri Nov 16, '12 11:35am PST 
I did some reseach on my beagle's pedigree and she comes from a line of rabbit dogs, her great-great grandfather(on her Dad's side) is a field trial champion.

I also found several of her cousins.

But one thing though, most of them have the standard tricolor coat but there are two that are different colors. One is red and white and another one has the rare lilac and white markings.

Her grandparents are bluetick(on her Mom's side) and her Grandfather(on her Dad's side) is black and tan.

Most of the dogs in her lineage including her parents are tricolor, some even have the tan/red tick marks common in beagles used in field trials.

That being said could she carry the bluetick and black and tan colors?

My beagle's tricolor with tan ticking on her legs and paws.

I recently saw some beagle triplets, one girl, two boys. The girl was blueticked and had a lot of black and blue in her coat with some tan mixed in. Her brothers are redticked.

I've read beagles can come in various hound colors but tricolors are the only ones accepted in conformation as the Westminster Kennel Club dog show.