Food problems

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Barked: Sat Jul 21, '12 6:04pm PST 
I just brought home a new beagle mix puppy from the local animal control. She is three months old and appears to be really sweet and really smart. We brought her home on Monday and in the house she already seems to be responding to her name. The problem I am having is with her food . The shelter was just feeding her puppy chow and I feed my dogs TOTW Pacific Stream Puppy twice a day. They did not mention any feeding issues with her but she only seems to be willing to eat in the evenings. The recommendation for her weight on the bag says that she should be eating close to 2 cups per day. All I have been able to get her to eat is 1/2 cup on her own and then another 1/4 cup if I feed her by hand. Should I be concerned? She seems pretty healthy and when I weighed her she weighed 9.2 lbs. Any ideas would be appreciated!