Crying days after Spay

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Harley-Queen of- the house.
Barked: Mon Nov 14, '11 2:43pm PST 
I had Harley spayed on thursday. She was very lethargic when she came home from the vet, but now (5 days since the spay) she cries and cries. She has been active and looks like she feels fine, but she will lay on the couch and just whine. Has anyone else experienced anything like this after having their beagle fixed?
Mikey- *adopted*

Cutest Beagle on- Earth
Barked: Tue Nov 15, '11 2:40pm PST 
My foster Beagle didn't act like that after she was spayed... you should deffinitly talk to your vet.
Scooter,- PAWS

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Barked: Wed Nov 16, '11 12:27pm PST 
yeah i would say if it's been a couple of days and she's crying a lot, maybe check with your vet. It could be a sign she's in pain frown


Barked: Thu Nov 17, '11 5:20am PST 
Doesn't sound good.... Lola didn't cry - even after she tore open the incision wound (we took the head cone off too soon b/c we thought she was fine) ... Is she wearing a head cone? Lola HATES anything on her ... is you have one on your dog maybe take it off and see if she stops crying ... but make sure you put it back on when you're not watching her - so she doesn't lick wound!!