Can anyone help me get in touch with Habitat for hounds rescue?

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Barked: Wed May 4, '11 4:30am PST 
I am a dogster regular and have 2 Akita's. Due to sudden change in family circumstances,my sister is now here with us.She has 2beagle mixes that need a rescue or foster home somewhere in the Johnstown,PA area.I would allow her to have them here but my female Akita is a bit of a bully and dislikes her female beagle/springer also I live in the city and the dogs per household limit is 3. If anyone could help us find the nearest hound rescue "Habitat for Hounds" or knows of another rescue/foster that could help us until she is able to find a place where she'll be able to have them we would greatly appreciate it. She could have a place in as little as 6-8 weeks. She loves the dogs and wants them back as soon as she is able she has mental health and serious kidney issues and the dogs are a big help to her mental and emotional health.Both dogs are housebroken,fixed and have all shots UTD.
If you can help or have any information on someone who can please p-mail me. I posted on the adoptions etc... in the main forum last night but post was covered by another one before anyone could respond. Sorry this was so long but we need to find some help before Monday because we don't want to take them to the local shelter.

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Thanks everyone for reading this post.We were able to solve the problem ourselves. Thanks Again,

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OH YAY!!!wave