Beagles "HATE" kennels.........

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Calm Submissive- is the way to- go!!!
Barked: Thu May 24, '12 4:43pm PST 
My Beagle-Mix was in the shelter for 2 years. I decided that as long as she did not destroy anything, I would not put her into a crate. I did not want her to relive her experience in the shelter.

When I looked around for a kennel to board her, one of my requirements was that they don't use crates. I found a great one near the airport where each dog has a room of their own with a glass door. I boarded her a couple of times without any problems.

If the dog behaves itself, there is no need for a crate or kennel.

Barked: Tue Jun 26, '12 2:48am PST 
My 5 year old beagle ruby loves her crate, she has the run of the downstairs ( excluding the kitchen when i go out), but at night she sleeps in her crate with the door shut, and we don't hear a peep out of her till we let her out the next morning smile

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You might try putting her in the crate for only a few minutes at a time on & off when you are home,then reward her with a tiny treat.Make sure she has gone potty & had enough to eat & drink before she goes in the crate.Put special toys or stuffies for use inside the crate only.You might want to have a neighbor let her out midday to run & get some exercise so she does not feel like she is injail being in her crate.Also,some people always have a radio on,You may also try the scent diffuser for anxiety they sell at the pet store.
Sometimes a small dose of Benadryl or generic Diphenhydramine will help the dog calm down-but you should ask your vet & make sure you get the dosage correct.Best wishes.rainbow

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