Why doesn't my new beagle listen?

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Center of- attention 24/7!
Barked: Sat Dec 5, '09 3:26pm PST 
It's true, Beagles are extremely stubborn! They just need a lot of training, and a very patient owner. Good luck!

Barked: Thu Mar 15, '12 6:49pm PST 
I have a 3 year old beagle, he will be turning 4 in AUG.... He does not listen to me at all, it seems to be when he has his nose down and smelling everywhere. He want listen to any commands from me, My father tells me that I treat him like a baby way to much!!

Calm Submissive- is the way to- go!!!
Barked: Thu May 24, '12 4:31pm PST 
I have a 7 year old beagle-mix. She has always been independent and stubborn. Once she makes up her mind, nothing will stop her. She will just ignore you. If her nose is engaged, she won't listen to a thing. You must go up to her and grab her collar or yank on her leash to get her attention. Sometimes that might not work.

You must keep your dog in a secured area or on a leash otherwise they will do what they want. If they see a small animal, they will be gone chasing it and there is nothing stopping them.

If they want something, dinner, treat, outside, etc... My dog will pester me by whining and circulating around me until I give her what she wants.

If they are not doing anything, my dog will answer to her name and stay beside me. But just let a cat or squirrel come into the yard and she immediately wants to go outside and chase it.

Treats always work to get their attention. So keep a few tasty treats in your pocket to get their attention.

Beagles are the best dogs in the world but they can be a bit demanding and stubborn.

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