Why doesn't my new beagle listen?

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Charlotte (Charlie)

Barked: Fri Sep 5, '08 9:27am PST 
Charlie, my 3 month old beagle, does not know her name or come when called. Yesterday she ran into the street after a kid on a bike and I had a heck of a time getting her under control. Is this normal? Has anyone here ever tried one of those fancy dog training systems, like Don Sulivan: the Perfect Dog? I know she's just a pup, but it's getting to be almost too much and I'm considering finding her a new home.

My snoring puppy
Barked: Fri Sep 5, '08 4:47pm PST 
Patience is very key in owning a beagle. Mine is 6 years old and will still run out in the street if I am not paying attention. Puppy training can be very effective in helping her learn to listen and respect you. Any professional trainer in your area should offer puppy training classes. I would highly recommend this. Please don't give up. With a little patience, discipline and love she will end up being the best dog for you.

Born to be cute
Barked: Sat Sep 6, '08 1:50pm PST 

Buddy is absolutely right

Patience is the key to owning a beagle.

Give it some time and training and it will be the best dog you'll ever havesnoopy


Barked: Sat Sep 6, '08 6:29pm PST 
Training is the key...I too would recommend you seek out professional help. Food has always been a good motivator for my beagle when training him. Hang in there and good luck smile

Barked: Sat Jun 13, '09 10:50pm PST 
I've tried the don Sullivan's system (Secrets to Training the Perfect Dog) on my 5 dogs lol. I was Leary after reading some post on the blogs about it, thinking the people knew what they was talking about. I did try it & It worked for all of my dogs. I still have 1 or 2 problems with them that the system said would be fixed & they are not. They do respect boundaries and the 2 German shepherds are not aggressive anymore etc.... So I know for sure most people that knocked it and gave bad responses on the blog, Obviously didn't know that it does work and doesn't contain any abuse to the dog whatsoever. Its the best money i ever spent.
Now I lent it to my sister to train a Chihuahua lol.
Little Girl

Barked: Thu Jun 18, '09 12:37pm PST 
Beagles will run any chance it gets. Little Girl will take off and I have to get in the truck and go looking for her. They are hunters. It's instinct. I would never rehome a dog just because it doesn't listen. I would start some serious training.

Cats? Do I smell- cats? Lemme at- 'um.
Barked: Fri Jul 24, '09 10:59am PST 
My Teddy is a bad boy. Doesn't listen, unless he wants to, eats anything and everything in his path and chases the cats mercilessly, but overall he is a very sweet, loving and beautiful dog. Having a beagle as a first dog is very hard and something we under took by accident. He was supposed to be a shiba/shepard mix. /shrug. I can tell you that after TONS of research and countless fits, I have come to the realization that there is nothing wrong with Teddy. He is a perfectly happy and normal beagle. It is my husband and I that have needed training and all the previous posters are right, beagles take an ENORMOUS amount of patience which is something I don't always have in large supplies, but I am learning. We have found the single best thing to controlling a beagle is TREATS. Beagles, or at least ours is highly responsive to treats. I would suggest something lower in calorie like Charley Bears, since beagles are prone to weight problems. Don't give up. Just remember, there is a good, obedient dog somewhere in that spastic, obstinate puppy of yours (and mine, lol!). Good luck and remember that it is ok to give the puppy a time out simply for your sanity. It helps, trust me. laugh out loud

Barked: Fri Jul 31, '09 3:00pm PST 
She does not listen because she is a BEAGLE. You can never, never, never trust a beagle off leash. Beagles need to be inside a secure fence, or on a leash. Beagles are bred to be independent, and they can be very stuborn. Keep your beagel safe, and on a leash.

Snoopy as a- beagle!!!
Barked: Wed Nov 4, '09 9:55am PST 
Being a "mature" 3 years old now, my mama thinks she has figured out the secrets of "controlling" me-- ha ha! Here's some advice:
*Trust me about as far as you can throw me!! I'm very well trained, but leave the remote unattended of 5 seconds, and I'll steal it!! Mama's rule is: if it's in Hannah's reach, it's fair game! Yes, that does mean doggie-proofing your house!
*Always, always, always keep me on a leash outside! Whenever Mama feels confident that I won't wander, my nose leads me into trouble! We've remedied this by leaving a leash on me whenever I'm outside, but leaving the leash loose so I can still wander. If I venture too far away, I'm more catchable this way!
*Yes, a beagle's ears just shut off when the nose is busy!! We haven't quite figured out how to fix this one. I'm stubborn; patience is extremely important!
*Training! We did 4 different classes! Even though I'm a big girl now, Mama still practices training with me on a daily basis-- from sit & stay, to leave it, to fun tricks! And yes, food is the way to a beagle's heart... and brain!
*Know your beagle! Personally I have 2 weaknesses-- I crave food & attention! Mama knows what my naughty triggers are, so she keeps a close eye on me when we're in certain situations!
*Exercise!! To control my endless energy, we started taking more frequent walks, playing outside more, & even doggie daycare once a week!

Most importantly, don't give up on your beagle!! Yes, we are a lot of work, and we can be stubborn & mischievous, but we will love you unconditionally & provide you with constant cuddles and kisses!

Good luck!

I love to tug!
Barked: Sun Nov 15, '09 6:17am PST 
I agree. My beagle(mix) is very stubborn and likes to do what he wants. He know's his name, but will ignore me when he does not feel like coming or listening. Treats always work though.
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