When are beagles fully grown/when to switch to adult food?

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How old are most beagles when they are fully grown? Is this the age you should switch from puppy to adult food?
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Hi Sophie wave I think I was 1 when I switched over. That's about the age to start...some start around 9 to 10 months though. The transition should be slow. Start with 3/4 puppy, 1/4 adult and slowly make the switch (at least 10 to 14 days) until Sophie gets all adult food.

Puppies grow fast don't they? big grin

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It also depends on what brand of adult food you are going to feed. Some of the higher end stuff is suitable for all life stages (except for large breed pups).


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Hallie eats Tast of the wild and its for all life stages! But we will be switching after a bag or two more smile
BTW you are a little cutielaugh out loud

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You guys are all cute! hug

As beagles are a smaller dog, switching them over to adult food at 1 year is great. Check with your vet around 10 months to see what they say. Some dogs mature quicker than others and can change over earlier, while some need a bit more time.