Lure Coursing!!

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Snoopy as a- beagle!!!
Barked: Thu Sep 20, '07 9:12am PST 
Anybeagle out there familiar with Lure Coursing???

My mama saw a dog training place by us was having open run-thru's this past weekend, so she took me out there to see if I would like it-- come on?!?!? Running and chasing things?!?!?! I'm a beagle pup-- what could be better?!?!?!

I was a little scared when we first got there-- there were so many dogs I didn't know-- all sizes and breeds, from little doxies to pit bulls; even another beagle!-- and they were all barking-- and some were running and chasing this thing-- which I was to later find out was the lure... I ended up meeting a new little doxie friend who calmed me down, so we ended up wrestling...

A little while later, my mama took my leash off me and told me to run--- so I did... and everyone laughed at me!!! I ran in big circles around this huge field, and showed off like I was the prom queen!!! Mama said someone called me a "free spirit". Boys like a free spirit, don't they?!?!?!

I eventually did run back to Mama, so they brought out another puppy to run with me-- this puppy took off running after the little lure, so I chased after him! DOG, was he fast!!! I was left in the DUST!!! About 1/2 way through the course, I was pooped, so I ran back to my Mama!!

After my 1st sort-of-run-thru, the hound-in-me was released!! Every time another dog raced past, I barked my face off!! Every time the lure sped past me, I tried to chase it and threw my nose in the air and howled like there was no tomorrow!

Finally my 2nd run-thru was up!!! Mama had me by the collar, they released the lure, and my mama let me go! Pups, I ran like the wind!!!! I ran as fast as my little legs could carry me!!! I ran so fast, I don't think my ears could keep up!!! Not only was I running, but I was howling the entire way, CHASING the lure!!! 400 yards!!! Mama said she was laughing so hard she was almost crying!!! She wanted to take a picture, but I just would have been a tri-color streak!!! When I made it back to my mama, my tongue was almost touching the ground, but my eyes were as big as saucers and I had a HUGE smile on my face!!! Mama had fun watching me, too!!

We highly, highly recommend that you check it out in your area!!! It was soooo much fun to run like that, and also greaaaaat for socialization, too!!! I can't wait to do it again!!! Mama's taking me to a doggie-fest this weekend where I get to try it again--- AND agility!!!

Wags & howls & sloppy kisses!! snoopy