Cant Miss Illinios Beagle Event!

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Barked: Tue Aug 14, '07 8:49pm PST 
Robdar's Houndsong Rescue a local Beagle and Coonhound Rescue!

We are getting ready for our 3rd annual Hound Hike and Hoot N Nanny.

What is the Hound Hike & Hoot N Nanny??

Every year beagles and conhounds and there owners walk the parade route. For every dog Hiking down the street, pleadges have been made. These pledges go to help cover the costs of the many sick, injured and homeless beagles and coonhounds in shelters every year! You can get pledges from friends, family and co-workers every dollar adds up! The more you raise the more hounds we can save!

The Hoot N Nanny is an afternoon of fun at the goodenow grove nature preserve just north of Beecher Il. About 35 minutes south of Chicago. There are dogs, dogs and more dogs. The beagles and coonhounds can be off leash in the 3600 square foot plus fenced in area. You will have nothing but smiles on your face watching all those beagles and coonhounds run around together. There is food, games and contests for everyone to enjoy!

For more info on this Can't miss Beagle Event goto
and register online today to get your packet in the mail!

We hope to see you and your beagle(s) there this year!

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Barked: Tue Aug 14, '07 10:19pm PST 
That sounds like fun! snoopy
I wish I lived in Illinios!