Typical beagle behavior around other dogs?

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Barked: Mon Mar 12, '07 8:06am PST 
I've just signed Tucker up for dog training at Petsmart. His first class was this past Saturday. He is now learning "sit" on command (about 50-50 without treats) and "lie down." I can now get him to lie down with a training treat, but getting him to lie down on command without a treat seems to be something that is going to take a long time to get to. I know beagles are stubborn, really stubborn. So it will have to be matter of patience on my part.

I'm hoping, though, that by going through obedience training, I can curb Tucker of a particularly annoying behavior. Whenever I go for a walk, and Tucker sees another dog, Tucker goes into temporary insanity. He pulls, barks, bays, and makes sounds I didn't think was possible.

The word around the dog park is that I have my work cut out for me. I don't watch Cesar Millan, but I've been told that even he says it's going to be difficult. It's part of a beagle's DNA to say, "Look, Dad! There's another dog!"

This problem is complicated in the fact that my roommate has recently acquired a 2nd dog. There are now 3 in the house (2 pit bulls & 1 beagle). Tucker & Daisy get along great (as my forum photo shows). Tucker & Jack are still working out their relationship. At least both males are neutered, but still… the same behavior goes on in my own house.

I'm going to start carrying a water gun so I can squirt Tucker when he goes into his temporary insanity to see if I can't disrupt his bad behavior & get him to calm down. I also don't want to do anything that would destroy the trust I'm trying to build with him.

Does anyone else have this problem? And what did you do about it?

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Our Beagle Lucy does the same exact thing. She is graduating from her pet smart class on Wednesday. The class was the best thing we have done for her, but she still pulls and barks at other dogs. She also snaps at other dogs when they come too close to her. In every other way she is perfect. I really don't know what to do about this problem with other dogs. We were considering having her spayed, hoping this might calm her around other dogs.

My special- little guy
Barked: Tue Mar 13, '07 9:14am PST 
Tucker has a large, household sized spray bottle that I use to get after him while he's in the house. But it was awkward to carry while walking him. So yesterday, I bought a smaller, travel sized spray bottle from Target's health & beauty department. It's perfect. Now when I take Tucker through the house, I can get him to calm down almost immediately by spraying him. While out in public, it takes a few more squirts, but I finally get him to calm down.

I think spraying him is the best way to punish him. It doesn't hurt, but man does he hate it. I hope that by next week or so, Tucker will be improved in his socialization in pubilc.

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Copper gets along with any dog as long as they don't try to mount her or eat her food. Trixie will pull on her leash and bark at other dogs too and we get the barking, baying thing too. (BTW I saw that Cesar episode and what he said was the the beagle was letting his owner know he had "Found" the other dog much like they do when they "find" a rabbit) he said and we have to do this with Trixie, to keep moving forward. While Trixie is pulling and barking her tail is going a mile a second though and when we go to the dog park she is pulling me and barking all the way to the gate. Once we are in the gate though it is a whole nother story. She is bench cruising. Both get a long well with other dogs and seem to like them, but I wish Trixie would not "find" so many. BOL

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Barked: Wed Mar 14, '07 4:36pm PST 
Hi there! I go crazy when other dogs are around if I haven't met them. I love other pups! Mama has been practicing with me to settle down and concetrate on her with commands. It took a while, but she is now able to put me in a sit and she tells me, "settle". She tries to do it in a soothing way to calm me down.

It works most of the time. I think the thing we have to get control of is the pulling. I have a special harness that prevents pulling as hard. Good luck!

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Barked: Thu Mar 15, '07 11:35am PST 
big laugh Mommy is laughing right now because your description of Tucker going mental sounds just like Biscuit.

This is typical beagle behaviour, I'm afraid. Biscuit sounds like she wants to murder the other dog, but if you bring her over, she's as friendly and happy as could be. It's sort of like she's saying, "Hey you, over there, look at me, see me?" and "Hey Mommy, bring me over there's a dog." Unfortunately, non-beagle owners usually dont' realize that your beagle is in fact just saying hello. LOL. The beagles also react to your nervousness because you're probably tugging on the leash and yelling at them excitedly, so they think, "Oh there is something worth barking at here." Be careful to calmly quiet the dog. Try putting him/her in a sitting position.

I went and got a spray bottle which I promptly labeled "The BAD Beagle Bottle." It works really well - one squirt to the bum does it and there's no hard feelings. I also got a remote citronella collar for when we're at the park - it is extremely effective. Biscuit's only worn it three times and now all I have to say is "Citronella" and she gets the message. If she's really bad I'll put it on her (turned off) and she's quiet as a lamb. LOL

But the thing is, beagles bark - it's part of their breeding. They call to each other when they're on the hunt. There's not really too much you can do about it. As Dr. Stanley Coren (Canada's dog guru) said, the reason humans brought dogs in to live with them centuries ago was because the dogs barked and scared away predators. If dogs didn't bark, we wouldn't have them.

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Barked: Thu Aug 30, '12 12:26pm PST 
It is good to hear that other beagle owners have similar issues with outdoor leash behavior. Taner is like most beagles, loving, carefree, and loves other dogs. He goes into fits when he sees another dog while on walks. My wife and I read that beagles were very vocal and to try and nix the behavior we taught Taner to speak on command and to Howl on command, although sometimes he gets barking and howling confused he still gets a treat from mom or dad. Training him to speak on command has really curbed the amount of barking he does. When he sees another dog on walks he typically whimpers and pulls, but rarely barks/bays at the other canine. It has also decreased the amount of barking he does when left at home alone. I read this article about chasing and it makes sense, http://www.dog-secrets.co.uk/how-do-i-stop-my-dog-chasing/, It talks about using their DNA wiring to stop the behavior. I am starting this training and I can now get him to stay when the toy is thrown, but success is long off in the distance, hopefully this helps other embarrassed beagle owners.

Barked: Sat Sep 15, '12 5:37pm PST 
I did the same thing when I was adopted. It was so bad that Mom and Dad couldn't take me to the park. The training classes really helped and also one-on-one training with a trainer from the shelter where I was adopted from. She walked shelter dogs toward me and if I barked and went crazy, I was turned around and walked away. That really helped alot. Plus I got a training prong collar which gives me a mild pinch on my neck if I pull. It doesn't hurt but reminds me of the correction my mom would give to me when I was a puppy.