Is it just my basset or...?

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Barked: Fri Feb 25, '11 11:53am PST 
hi i have a female basset hound who is almost 8 months old however i have only had her for the past 3 months. i have two main problems with her, one of which is her smell she stinks and the smell just follows her around i bath her twice a week to try and mask the smell but nothing is working ive heard that the smell is a breed - hound thing has anyone else got this problem and if so have you found a way of controlling it? second thing she is something of a challenge to keep dry during the night me and my partner stay up very late and i have to get up very early with our daughter but she still can't last 4 hours during the night?

Barked: Tue Mar 1, '11 7:21am PST 
Hi there,

I work with Basset Hound Rescue, so hopefully I can answer your questions.

1. Yes, Basset Hounds do smell. It is a hound odour and it is very common amoung the breed. They have an oily coat and this is what smells. I would not wash the dog twice a week, that is a lot and you may be drying out your dog. I would consider buying a scented powder or something else that is scented snd not harmful to dogs and using it.

2. Basset Hounds take longer than some other breeds to house train. If she is so young I would let her out more. If you think it is a problem you may want to get her checked by the vet to rule out any bladder infections, etc.