Any ideas? Sick doggie...

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Barked: Tue Oct 19, '10 7:23am PST 

I am new here and am hoping someone might have some insight on here as to why my basset hound Lulabelle is sick. She was fine and active until the past few weeks. She seems to have lost her energy and want to play and be outside and instead lays on the floor and sleeps all the time. She won't even jump onto the couch to sit by us, and we used to not be able to keep her off! Just the last two days she has started having a cough - sounds like a cold - that seems to be making it hard for her to breath at night due to her drooling a ton and coughing up more drool. She had an infection in her left about a month ago and we've been to the vet 3 times for that (initial look at, then just check ups) and I had mentioned her change in behavior, but they did not seem to find anything the matter. She has been eating normal and not having any problems with going to the bathroom and no throwing up either. Just a change in mood really until this coughing started. I am looking for a new vet to take her to because I believe there is something wrong and I just cannot figure out why the other vet says she's fine, when we can tell from her personality that she isn't. They have been good vets until now, so we will keep our other dogs there, but I am just worried about Lulabelle having something going on and I just don't know what it is. Up til now she has been a healthy 3 yr. old basset, lovable as any of our other dogs. She just believes she is a big lap dog and used to jump into any open lap to prove it! Anyone have any ideas on what could be wrong with her? I hope a visit to another vet can help me figure it out, but any help from her would be much, much appreciated!



Barked: Thu Oct 21, '10 8:18pm PST 
Sorry to hear that your pup's not feeling like herself frown here is a website that lists the main causes of coughing in dogs if it is related to a medical problem http://www.suite101.com/content/why-is-my-dog-coughing-a61445 good luck!