Is my dog part basenji?

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Barked: Sun Aug 10, '08 1:04am PST 
I have been trying to figure out what breed my dog is so I can try to better understand him and I definately think Red Heeler but I am not sure what else. He has the weirdest growl/bark. I have never heard it in another dog. Does anyone have a good video of their basenji, where it is either playing or angry at something? That is the only time Murphy makes noise. But the yodels online seem too high pitch to be what he is doing.

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Barked: Mon Aug 18, '08 8:33pm PST 
Hi, He kind of looks like he is part brindle Basenji - the ears, the forehead wrinkles, short but soft hair, some of those clues. My adopted brother, Jack, is part Basenji and part smooth fox terrier, we think, so he has some behaviors of each - a variety of vocalizations, but (ugh!) he barks (sorry, my Basenji genes just has trouble with that!) He runs like a Basenji, can be selectively obedient (remember, we Basenjis are sighthounds and hunters - we get distracted easily, and almost find it impossible to not chase little critters.) Some other behavioral clues - we Basenjis do not have any body odor! and we spend significant time licking and cleaning ourselves, like cats. So, maybe, he's a distant cousin of mine? thinking

Barked: Mon Mar 30, '09 4:48pm PST 
I'm not very familiar with the basenji breed, but he looks like he maybe. I too had a similar question about my dog.

Sabina is a German Shepherd X Carolina Dog mix (at least that's what was concluded); however, after recently stumbling across a picture of a supposed Shepherd X Basenji, I thought to myself that it looked a heck of a lot like my dog. I know there isn't a true way of finding out a dog's breed makeup (even DNA tests aren't 100% accurate, nor do they recognize certain 'more feral' breeds) and pictures can also look different than the actual animal, but I was wondering if anyone thinks my Sabina is a Basenji Mix or if she's truly a Carolina Dog mix...

Her Characteristics:
- "fish-hook" tail
- short, semi-coarse coat (coarseness due to the GSD?)
- top layer of coat is somewhat water resistant
- loves water
- uses paws a lot - very handsy and mouthy
- strong prey drive
- slight forehead wrinkles
- Doesn't have a strong "dog smell" to her
- very sight orientated
- about 56lbs

Pics of the supposed GSD X Basenji mix:

I mean, I'm not even sure if the people who own those dogs are 100% sure what mix they are, but then again, I'm not 100% sure about mine either, lol...

(Sorry to crowd in on this topic....) Thanks in advance.

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