Basenji Questions

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Barked: Sat Jun 23, '07 8:18pm PST 
After adopting Otis, we figured out that he is mostly Basenji (and probably chihuahua and maybe some whippet). Before we had him we knew nothing about the breed, but now we love basenjis! Otis even met one of his basenji cousins at the dog park and they had so much fun together!

I just have some questions about the breed mostly because I am curious, but also because I notice that Otis seems to have a lot of the same likes, pet-peeves, etc. as the Basenji profiles on Dogster.

I have seen a lot of people on Dogster mention their dogs doing the Basenji 500. How would you describe this? Otis sometimes does laps around the apartment and runs across the couches. Is this what the Basenjis do?

While I know it is probably not exclusive to Basenjis, Otis loves undies, socks, towels, and toilet paper. He steals them and then runs to one of his hideouts (under the futon and under the table).I thought it was because he is a puppy, but may this be a Basenji trait that he may not grow out of? We have gotten used to closing all the doors anyway!

Thank you, and sorry for the long post. We love making discoveries about Oat's personality, so your help is appreciated!

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Barked: Sun Jun 24, '07 6:53am PST 
Barooooos Otis! wave

Bol!! It sounds like you do a wonderful B-500! It's exactly as you described - up and down and all around - all at crazy fast speeds! It's enough to make the hooman's head spin! way to go

I know I personally LOVE nothing more than chew up a fresh roll of TP or shred a box of tissues! M'mmmmm! Good stuff! As for towels, I love to roll on them after the hooMom is done drying off! I go nutso rolling and rolling and wiggling and wiggling! Momma says I look like a clown and she always throws her towel on the floor so I can have a good roll. I have also been known to shred some stuff - undies are a fave of mine, and I also had fun ripping up the sofa that one time (ooops! who knew hooMom would take it so badly?! shrug ).

It sounds like yo u have your basenji personality in order! dancing It's so much fun being a "hoodlum"! wink

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Barked: Mon Jun 25, '07 11:56am PST 
I am a Basenji/Whippet mix and my mommy found this website:


It is great for learning (lots of experienced basenji owners), bragging (your b or b/mix accomplishments), showing off pictures (of your basenji/mix).

Mommy was LOST without this site. It is free and a WEALTH of information. Depending on where you live, you might find other basenji and basenji/mix owners in your area.

We highly recommend this site. Hope you can check it out. Your mommy/daddy will Learn a LOT!!!


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Barked: Mon Jun 25, '07 3:17pm PST 
Otis, come join us in our group, Basenji Bratz. You'll learn lots of basenji secrets!

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Barked: Sun Jul 1, '07 11:15pm PST 
Otis, please do come to Basenji Bratz. We'd love to have you!wave