I would love to add an Azawakh to my family can anyone help me?

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Barked: Sat Jun 13, '09 11:15am PST 
Hello everyone my name is Serrina and my Iggys name is Mika. I have just been recently introduced to the azawakh breed and have become very interested in possably welcoming one into our family. However I can't seem to find them in the United States...Maybe i'm looking in the wrong place or something but I thought maybe you could help me out with some info if you have time. I adopted my Iggys so adoption or purchasing a puppy would be great. Well thank you for your time and I hope that maybe you could pass on some information to me about adding one of these wonderful dogs to my family. Take care hug

Bring it on!
Barked: Tue Feb 8, '11 4:08pm PST 
Hey, if you are on Facebook, consider doing a posting on some of the sighthound groups with your questionsmile I would love to find one too.