ASTCD in the US?

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Angus - (I miss you- so much)

Barked: Tue Oct 4, '11 8:05pm PST 
We really want a red stumpy tail male puppy. We recently lost our guy to brain cancer (we got him as a rescue in Washington - we now live in Oregon). I cannot seem to find a breeder in the US. Is Canada the closest?

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Barked: Tue Mar 27, '12 8:05am PST 
There is a Skyline Acres Stumpy breeder IN OREGON listed on the web, but the page doesn't open.

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Barked: Thu Apr 26, '12 3:34pm PST 
I know of a breeder in Eastern Upstate NY. I don't know where you are located, but you would have to travel. They don't ship or deliver. I have a black and white. I luv her dearly, just wish I had more energy.

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Barked: Sun Oct 28, '12 6:10am PST 
That kennel in Canada goes south in the winter and they might be in the US with winter coming on. Try them. It couldnt hurt.?winkGoogle thier name.