I am going to be getting an australian shepherd, but am worried how my first dog will react

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My 4 year old dog is kind of aggressive towards animals or people she doesnt know and isnt around often. I have done research, but i would like to know from experienced owners how an aussie pup would react to my dog? I know Bittsy wont like the puppy, but will eventually- some odd weeks or months later- get used to it. My qustion is, would an aussie be aggressive back, or be able to stay relatively calm long enough for things to settle? how should i handle my dogs aggresiveness?

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I'm not sure if you've already gotten a second dog, your post was almost a month ago. If you haven't....
An Aussie puppy will adore your dog. Only you know the temperament of the dog you have. Aussies are very high energy and if your dog is older, it may be annoyed by all of the fun....or it may bring out the youngster in your dog.
As Aussies get older they become Velcro dogs for the most part. Not sure if jealousy from your other dog will surface. They are also weary of strangers and very protective of their family. That's a nice feeling to know you're protected but that can also mean serious training on learning how to greet strangers to prevent aggression.
They will love you to the moon and back.
Best of luck!