Aussie Ownership Questions

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Hello all; first timer here

I'm seriously considering getting an Aussie puppy and have a few questions/concerns as I want to be able to provide an environment that will make myself and my dog happy. I currently live in a condo complex in NH and am looking for a companion who will be great off leash for hikes and outdoor activity.

How are Aussies offleash? I've heard mixed things that they like to chase. Is this easily curbed by training, and will he/she remain by my side when offleash?

I'm aware of their high energy needs. Will a moderate hike and some outdoor frisbee suffice, or am I biting off more than I can chew (pun intended)?

I work from home so the dog will not be alone much. I also plan on taking the dog with me most places I go. How energetic will he/she be while I'm trying to work? Will that be a problem? I also own a pet rabbit. Will the dog harass the rabbit or will raising them together work?

Thanks for all your help in advance, and hopefully you can give me some pointers on what to expect! They seem to be great dogs and I hope that we would be a great fit for one another!

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I would say that Aussies are average to excellent off-lead. It depends on the individual dog, and the training, but off leash time is very doable. I've allowed my Aussie off leash in parks since she was a few months old. Now that she's 4, she'll heel at my side walking around the neighbourhood. They definitely like to chase, but again it's not intense enough that you can't work through it.

It depends on the dog, again. Now that mine has matured, she tends to get 2 30 minute walks a day on average (which involve ball, frisbee or off leash exploration), and maybe 1-2 days a week of longer bouts of activity (1-2 hours, normally). She's learned to settle fairly well. When she was younger she got a fair deal more. She was a tough puppy to tire out.

For your next question, again, it depends. The dog will adapt to your schedule, assuming its needs are met. When I bring mine to work she's great for half the day but for the second half she gets restless, but it's not often I bring her in. For rabbits, if the dog is raised with one I imagine it'll get along just fine.

Be clear with your breeder about what you're looking for. I find that some Aussies are stubborn, lazy and independent, whereas others are handler-focused, driven and have a good work ethic. Some are happy to chill out all day and go with the flow, where others are edgy, neurotic and aggressive. Get familiar with the lines and find a breeder who's breeding towards your ideal dog.

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Thank you! I've been researching breeders in the area, and will start the contact stage soon! Getting excited!