Leaving my Pup

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I'm getting an aussie puppy in approximately 4 weeks when he's old enough to come home with me, however I just recieved a promotion at work and will now be working 40 hrs/week instead of 24hrs/week. I do currently live with family, and I am trying to work out a deal with them to help me out... just trying to figure out the puppy's schedule needs before I bring them a proposition. I was just wondering what my best options are for leaving the puppy along approx. 9hrs with minimal supervision.

I am planning on getting a crate and crate training him. Also, I live on a small acreage with another dog who is a mainly outside dog. I was wondering how aussies do outside for the majority of the day? He would be on a "bungee" lead that is 20m long (am trying to work out that someone checks on him while out there), and have access to his crate/food/water/toys at all times. My other dog is a Bernese cross Golden who has been outside since he was a pup, sometime with minimal supervision, and he was always fine.

This schedule is temporary (for the first 8 weeks) before I move to my own place and my schedule re-adjusts to approx. 5hrs a day with roommates who have alternate schedules to be home with the dog.

Thanks for your input!

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I am new to Aussie life but what I have found is that they need you, to set rules and roles. I work 8 to 9 hours a day. Going crate is the second best thing ever, there is a hint. When I come home its about 2 hrs of play (rain days suc). Not 2hrs strait but a little fetch, food, hugs and kisses, fetch and more fetch, and classes aleast once a week.