City/metropolitan aussies, help.

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How do you keep your Aussies from getting bored?

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Mondays I take Cohen out to my training facility to observe/demo.

Tuesdays are our agility nights.

Wednesdays we try to do a 1hr walk after work.

Thursdays are our flyball nights.

Fridays are another long walk after work.

Saturdays Cohen just bums around with me and goes where I go.

Sundays are normally a competition, or prep for a competition.

Weekdays during the day Cohen gets out in the yard to chase a flirt pole or play tug a few times a day when she gets antsy. Someone will normally come home at lunch to give her a pee break and a bit of attention.

... Not everyone is as nuts as I am. But basically Cohen is now at an age where she's happy with an hour or two of direct interaction each day - she used to need 3-4+ when she was younger. Now between activities Cohen is fairly happy just to laze about with us.

Other ideas: hire a dog walker or neighbourhood kid to help out. Daycare. Feed meals in an interactive dog toy like a treat ball. Feed raw meals frozen. Give bully sticks or bones to keep a dog occupied. Teach new tricks or polish up old ones.