Picking the best Aussie companion-- adding a 2nd dog

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Barked: Fri Mar 11, '11 5:59am PST 
We have absolutely decided to add a 2nd dog to our family. But now the question is do we get another Aussie or pick a different breed?

My first thoughts went to picking a different breed. For the reasons that Monty, my Aussie, has a lot of anxiety and fear, especially towards people. And although I absolutely love him and the breed (want another one one day) I thought the best companion for him would be a breed that is known for their love of people. (ex. golden retriever, labrador, etc...) So hopefully Monty will be influenced by their happy go lucky attitudes.

However we recently spoke with the breeder we got Monty from and she is of the opinion that the best companion for him would be another Aussie. (not just because she breeds Aussies, she also breeds Golden Retrievers) I have noticed in the past that he is drawn to other Australian Shepherds, however I feel like I don't want to take the chance that the new dog would be hesitant of people as well.

Which leads me to my question for all of you. Do you have more than 1 dog? Are they all Aussies? Or different breeds? All in all what is the best companion for an Australian Shepherd?

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Barked: Fri Mar 11, '11 7:04am PST 
My mom has an Aussie mix and I have a pup who is half Aussie. They definitely do love to play together. They make their crazy loud noises and herd one another non-stop. So if you do get two, be prepared for the decibel level! But they are good companions. Herding dogs in general do seem to gravitate towards one another. But they both also have plenty of dog friends who are other breeds, I don't think getting a golden would be a bad thing, provided you matched the energy levels and temperaments of the dogs.

As for the reserve with strangers, that is a real concern. Mom's dog is very weary and I'd hoped with proper socialization mine wouldn't be, but now that he's an adolescent he is in some situations. It makes life much more challenging. Personally, for that reason I think when we get another dog I will get one that is more naturally social with humans.
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I have 2 Aussies, and they play amazing together, but they both also get along well with other dogs, from dobermans to other random dogs we run into on our walks... my two Aussies are very friendly, my older girl was over a year when we introduced the new one, and at first she was a little upset about it, but now they love each other and play, he bugs her sometimes, being more energetic then her.
I would just have your Aussie meet the other breed you want to try, see how things go... smile Good luck... keep us posted!!


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I have an aussie and a husky and they love playing together. the aussie loves hearding the husky and me and my wife when we walk by.We got the husky after the aussie and we were concerned about them getting along but after a day or 2 they are inseperable now.
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Um....an Aussie!!!

I have two Aussies and my newest foster may just be becoming a permanent fixture in the house...so I may be having three Aussies lol! I actually have a friend with 9 Aussies - you can never have too many!