Yet another "does my dog look like a kelpie?" question

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Barked: Wed May 12, '10 2:49pm PST 
I was wondering if you kelpie experts can tell me if Chloe looks like an australian kelpie. We are new here and was wonderinf as people have commented on this.

At 21-22" at the shoulder and a "huge" 64lbs, she would definitely be on the larger end of the scale. Definitely loves playing with her sheep too.

Of course that's me to the left smile
Jackson Tan

Lad about town
Barked: Thu Mar 31, '11 12:41am PST 
Classic black and tan Kelpie with maybe a hint of shepherd in the face.

I'm sure that- you'll see it my- way soon.
Barked: Sat Jun 25, '11 10:34am PST 
I was also wondering if our Sasha was an Australian Kelpie also. She went to doggie heaven on June 6th 2011 ....we miss her so much that we are always crying.little angel