I'm new

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Gizmosis- Jones

heloo ladies
Barked: Mon Oct 22, '07 5:02pm PST 
Well, I may have afew birth defects, but the tests show that I'm a full blooded australian kelpie. I'm here, well, just to chat! So, don't leave me out!

Stinky Dinky Doo
Barked: Mon Dec 8, '08 5:19pm PST 
Hi. I'm a pure kelpie too.. im also new...

Greenies- Rock!!!!
Barked: Mon Jan 5, '09 10:00am PST 
Hi there! I'm a Kelpie mix. My mom had my dna done, but the test did not include Kelpies....does anyone know of a testing service that DOES include Kelpies??