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Surf bitches- rule!
Barked: Sat Jul 18, '09 9:44pm PST 
Abbie*G here! I'm the first pro surfing Kelpie (sponsored by Oakley). Kelpies are the best surf dogs! Check me out at


Dad also got a doggie cam today and created a POV surf video!!


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Jackson Tan

Lad about town
Barked: Thu Mar 31, '11 12:51am PST 
Boo! Jacky boy is a Kelpie too!

He's a naughty dog. Really. He tugs on his lead, digs holes, chews his sheepskin, destroys his toys and can't stay still for a second. He's not the cuddliest dog in the world, doesn't like pats that much, but he is very loving. I should have named him 'shadow' because that's what he is; my shadow. He follows me everywhere, right by my side. If he's running and just a spot on the horizon, a whistle from me brings him running back. He's really a one man, or one woman dog, like so many others in his breed. They usually only truly bond with one member of the family. He may be naughty and full throttle but he's a wonderful, beautiful soul too. He was a farm rescue - his owner was getting ready to shoot him as he could not work properly. When I got him he looked like a stray. He had been on a chain, outside, in rain, sleet, snow, heat, for over a year. He had been let off only a few times. He seems to have a problem with his back leg from the constant restraint on soft dirt. No dog house - the others had them but he was not allowed near. Barely any food - his ribs showed, his hair was falling out and he STANK. I took him away from that place to try and give him the bets life that I could. I'm happy to report that his life is a hundred percent better now. smile I love Australian Kelpies!

Barked: Fri May 27, '11 11:32am PST 
I was rescued from a shelter and they said I was a german shepherd/blue heeler mix. Once I got home, my mommy did some research and she thinks I look exactly like a kelpie. If anyone here disagrees, please let me know. It's hard not knowing where I come from... big grin

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