ACD pup 9 weeks constant barking when away from me

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Hi there, first time poster and I hope I am putting this in the right place! If not please direct me...

My 9 week old Blue Heeler Franky constantly barks if he is put outside alone, even if he has plenty of toys/ food to play with. He is generally well behaved - he will walk on the leash, sit, stay wait politely for food and eat on command and is housebroken. He just doesn't seem to cope at all when he is out of my sight. I would love some advice from other ACD owners!

He sleeps in his own little shed on a raised bed, at night he tends to bark for about 5 minutes before falling asleep.

Also, if he is left in the company of strangers and I leave he gets very... bitey!

He's a gorgeous and very clever little boy, but I need to get on top of these issues!

I really appreciate your help.